Genius Integration

3 months to align your current work with your whole self & higher calling

You’re not new here! You’ve nailed success, you know who you are, you know what it’s like to operate in your genius zone, and, you’ve acquired wisdom. So now, it’s time to take all of who you are – your whole self – and integrate it into the work you do. To let the world see what you have to offer given your talents, experience, passion, and vision for a better future.

This is an exciting time! It’s the expansion into the next level of your genius and professional life. Everything you’ve ever done has brought you to this moment. And, as someone who has been through expansion before, you know that challenges are part of the territory, like:
– uncertainty of direction
– worry about making the right choices
– the possibility of disappointing others
– struggle to break old negative belief systems & behavior patterns, and
– fear of failure or not being worthy.

You certainly can ride this roller coaster on your own. But wouldn’t it be way more fun & easy to have a wise and playful guide – like your own personal Yoda – riding along next to you? Here is my offer to support your journey to integration as your very own genus guru!


We begin with a 3 hour retreat & jam session to create a road map for your integration journey, which includes:
– your goals (the what & why of your vision)
– your compass (a key question, word, or mantra to serve as a focal point)
– your blocks (what we see most standing in your way)
– your tools (techniques to support you in moving through your blocks)
– your priorities (where you sense to focus your time and attention), and
– magical wisdom (an oracle reading to guide the flow of your journey).

Next, we meet regularly over the course of our engagement at a pace that feels right for your needs, schedule, and budget. There are 4 options:

  • We meet twice a month (5 more sessions for 90 mins each). **Most popular**
  • We meet twice a month (5 more sessions for 1 hour each). **Most efficient for virtual clients **
  • We meet once a month (2 more sessions for 90 mins each). **Most economical**
  • We meet once a week (11 more sessions for 1 hour each).  **Most intensive**


Here are the things you can count on me for during our engagement:
– Hold and elevate your vision with you
– Bring out your inner genius to call forth your best ideas
– Identify blocks to your genius & goals
– Show you the spiritual growth context for challenges you face
– Teach you spiritual wisdom, techniques, and practices
– Provide connections to my network of geniuses and other resources

Here’s what this program will help you create and experience:
– Clarity around your higher purpose & calling and how to integrate that into your work
– Meaningful connections with others of like-mind that can help forward your mission
– Financial rewards and other awesome results from understanding the value of your genius
– Flow, fun, and magic in the regular course of your workday
– Peace even during challenge, perceived mistakes & when things don’t go as planned, and
– Confidence to take leaps of faith because you trust yourself.


Results described above are based on a minimum of 3 months of coaching through one season or one quarter. If you’re wondering whether we can extend your engagement for 6 months or a year, the answer is YES!

Curious why these are packaged as 3 months? That is because one season or one quarter is an ideal amount of time to see results. And with each new season or quarter, we’d take another extended retreat & jam session to check in on your progress and refine your vision.


4 steps to get this party started:
1. Schedule your 3 hour retreat & jam session.
2. Download, fill out & sign your Genius Integration Client Agreement.
3. Remit your full payment or set up your payment plan at least 5 days in advance of your start date.
4. Fill out & submit your pre-program questionnaire 48 hours prior to your start date.