Genius Jumpstart

3 sessions to clarify and activate your next career move

Sensing a shift happening around your work?
Desiring to feel greater joy, fulfillment, and purpose in your next level professional pursuits?
Feeling stuck or stalled, like you could use an expert to support and guide you?

What you need is a jumpstart – to re-ignite the career joy inside of you. And that’s exactly what these 3 sessions are designed to do! Let me provide 1-on-1 intuitive and strategic support to help you clarify your next career steps that inspire you and feel fueled by higher purpose.

The Process
Our work together is a combination of the practical and the magical. I’ll bring my lawyer hat to really hone-in and understand the issues you’re facing. I’ll bring my intuitive guide hat to read oracle cards with you and teach you spiritual tools to open to your higher self. And I’ll also bring my years of experience in self-empowerment work and business to bring your best ideas to life.

Your jumpstart includes a pre-survey and three one-hour sessions with me. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Pre-Survey – you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out before our first session to help identify the issues we’ll explore during our sessions.
  2. Oracle card reading – In our first session, we’ll have a conversation to get to the heart of what has you stuck or what you’re wanting to get out of your 3 sessions. Then, you’ll experience an oracle card reading on your issue, where you will tap into your own inner wisdom, divine wisdom, and also receive intuitive guidance from me. This reading will be audio recorded so you can keep it as inspirational guidance in the future. (See FAQ #10 to learn about oracle cards.)
  3. Education, Heart & Soul opening Practices, and Action Items – Over the course of your 3 sessions, you’ll receive education about the genius discovery process and how to bring out your best self in your work. As we get clarity each session on your specific desires and blocks, you’ll receive customized practices and/or action items to test out to assist in the opening of your heart, soul, and genius.
  4. Recommendations and final blessing – In your third session, you’ll receive a written report summarizing your vision and genius that we’ve uncovered and recommendations to take as your road map to help you move forward on your desires. Bringing back in the magical element, we’ll complete with a customized final blessing that I will channel for you. The blessing will feel nourishing and encouraging, and we’ll audio record it so that you can keep it forever as something to listen to for a dose of inspiration.

Results you can expect include:
– Clarity of your true career desires
– Insight around your inner genius to cultivate to get you there
– Recognition of your blocks to work through with supportive strategies and practices
– A roadmap of next steps, and
– Enhanced feelings of joy & freedom to be yourself.

Ready for roadside assistance to initiate your jumpstart? Here are the deets:
The value for this service is $1200. For new clients who have not yet worked with me, the exciting news is that your Genius Jumpstart program is currently priced at 50% off at $600! Once you submit your payment (link below), you’ll receive an email about scheduling. Each session is 1 hour and all 3 sessions will occur within a 1 month period. Sessions are available on Tuesdays and Fridays to take place at my office in the Chicago loop, or virtually by phone or Skype.

On a budget or facing a time shortage? Try the Mini Sessions Sampler and move forward anyway:
Here’s what’s different …. Each session is shorter, 30 minutes, and by phone so you can participate from anywhere. You must schedule all 3 sessions in advance at once. For your oracle card reading, I’ll email you a photo of the cards we pull. I won’t be creating a written report in this package, so take good notes during your sessions or set up a way to audio record them. Price: $300

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