Successful, yet not fulfilled at work? Do this

Have you seen J.K. Rowling’s speech about the benefits of failure? She speaks about how being broke and poor (a classic failure) catalyzed her forward to follow her dreams, which led to her writing the Harry Potter books (an epic success).

But what if you’re actually quite successful in your career, yet still not following your dreams? Or even more, what if you’re not sure what dream you’d follow if you had the chance?

What most people in these situations say is “I should just be grateful to have a job.” Hey, gratitude is great! But don’t let gratitude for your well-paying job guilt you out of exploring what kind of career you’d love, feel naturally great at, and maybe even experience as what you were born to do.

Here’s an idea that will knock your socks off: you can stay in your current career AND explore what you might want next.

Depending on where your head is at, there are two possible ways to proceed:

(1) If you don’t know what you’d want to do, your next step is … to create time and space for self-discovery and awareness. Get to know yourself just like you would a new friend. This is what I did to lead me to each of my major career transitions that more aligned my work with my genius and my sense of greater purpose.  (Read my story here).

(2) If you already have a sense of what you want to do, your next step is … to start putting together your goals and a plan. The goals may feel unreasonable at first, but once you develop a plan with some thoughtful strategies, you’ll be off and running!

I guide people in my 3-Session Genius Jumpstart program through these processes – if you don’t want to navigate this alone. We get clear on what your true career interests are and/or if you know them, we create your plan. Either way, these sessions get you moving toward those feelings you really desire at work – fulfillment, making a meaningful impact, becoming an expert in what you love and are passionate about, and helping others to reach their potential too.

Click here to learn more about the 3 session Genius Jumpstart. I hate seeing people waste years living “so cautiously” (as J.K. Rowling says) that you never get to fulfill on your career desires. So please remember: you can unlock your unique inner genius and set yourself free to do the work you were born to do! Just take one of these next steps!

With love,
Gina, Your Genius Guru