Genius Expedition

6 months to uncover your genius & love your career

This is for you if …
– you feel called toward a more fulfilling & purposeful professional life,
–  you don’t yet know what are your genius and best talents to contribute, and
– you are willing to engage in a transformational process to break down old patterns of fear & create new healthy patterns for your genius to flourish.

You’re here because you want to discover the career you will love. This program is about you not having to do that alone or feeling like you’re in the dark. I have been where you are, twice! And I can guide you as I’ve guided many others on this journey to discovering who you are and what you’re made of.

Here’s what you can expect…

Together, we’ll go on a 6 month expedition to uncover your inner genius and the work you were born to do.  I’ll provide you with the foundational education you need for this trip. Pursuing a career that is your higher calling is a unique path that involves deep transformation. You will shed away old beliefs and patterns of behavior that reflect who you thought you should be, and learn to open your heart to who you really are and who you most want to become.

I’ll show you that where you are today in your career is setting you up for where you’re going in the future.  But in the meantime, under my mentorship, you’ll begin to shape your current work to be more enjoyable and helpful to prepare you for what is next.

I’ll be your intuitive guide, showing you what I see inside of you as your genius and what is possible to do with your talents and experience. With this, you’ll have the experience of being seen and understood at levels you have likely never experienced. This allows your true genius to begin to come out, where before it had been concealed or hidden.

You’ll also learn to open and trust your own intuition.  This means if there is a leap of faith to be made, like a big job change or starting your own business, you’ll know to your very core that it is the right time to jump. There are no radical changes on my watch until you are ready. So don’t worry, you’ll be prepared!

Also, and very important, I’ll teach you how to build your personal and professional network so that in pursuing your wildest dreams, you will feel you have the safety net of supporters and a foundation faith and confidence to follow your heart, step into the unknown, take on risk, and overcome challenges that in the past would have totally stopped you.

Your program includes …

  • An oracle card reading to kick us off and provide wisdom for your journey
  • Two sessions with me per month
  • Email access to me throughout the program
  • A written summary of the why, how, and what of your genius at the completion
  • A customized toolkit of practices to transcend your blocks to take away with you forever

The results you can expect include …

Tangible results:

  • Clarity around your genius and how you can apply it toward work that is your highest calling
  • Opportunities to test and play with your genius to incorporate it into your current & future work and assess its value
  • Awareness of ways you block your genius & tools to allow you to let it shine through
  • Empowerment to clear your schedule of tasks & people that drain you
  • Direct line to your inner wisdom so you can make better career choices
  • Ability to deepen relationships and form a tribe of people who can support you and the expression of your genius

Feel good results:

  • Deeper sense of self-compassion to experience and be guided by your feelings
  • Heightened sense of self-acceptance & self-worth to know what you’re great at and value it
  • Shift to following your desires & dreams rather than acting to avoid fear & pain
  • Greater self-trust to know what is best for you, regardless of the views of others
  • Enhanced joy, peace & freedom in your professional life

Want to learn more?

If this program feels like what you’ve been searching for, email me to schedule a consultation to begin our conversation about your enrollment.