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Ten years ago, I found myself crying in my shower. Laying in the fetal position, I was distraught with the feelings emerging inside. I was a rising star lawyer, seemingly on top of the world. Many had invested in me to get here. Yet, I did not want to go to work.

Top of my class in law school, a genius legal writer, I had become a “success” rather fast. In law school, I started my own business. Chicago’s top criminal defense lawyers hired me to write their briefs.

Once I finished school, I got a job offer. I didn’t even have to interview, and the firm didn’t even have an opening. One of Chicago’s most famous lawyers liked me and took me under his wing. I got to work on the highest profile cases in my city. And yet, there I was, crying on my shower floor.

I knew I had a lot of opportunities to be grateful for and I worked with people I loved. But I also didn’t know who I was. I had a really great job, but great … for someone else. I felt sad and lost.

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Gina Marotta loves work and wants you to as well! She writes, speaks, and counsels people on knowing and expressing their inner genius to step fully into the work they were born to do. She is lovingly known as “The Genius Guru.”

Before launching her current business, Gina served as the founding Managing Director for Step Up Women’s Network in Chicago, an organization empowering low-income teen girls out of poverty and into college, where she raised $1 million in revenue and grew the local chapter to 10,000 supporters. Before that, Gina employed her genius as a criminal defense lawyer, working on Chicago’s highest profile cases ranging from political corruption to murder and everything in between.

Gina has been featured in media outlets like: The Huffington Post, WGN Radio, and CBS and Fox Chicago News. She’s been honored with awards and special recognitions such as one of the Top 100 Emerging Leaders Under 50 by Diversity MBA magazine and one of 100 Women Making a Difference by Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine.

Let’s talk about what inquiring minds most want to know!

What is genius?
Genius is the natural talent you were born with + your higher heart & soul calling + how the dots of your life experience connect + absolutely the most fun and easy way for you to spend your time.

Does everyone have genius?
Yes! Unfortunately, however, many people don’t recognize their genius. Wah Waah! There also are some foundational elements to accepting and embracing your genius. This too is why not everyone feels like they have genius. They just haven’t been ready to see it yet!

What do you do as The Genius Guru?
I write, teach, and speak on the subject matter of genius with the mission to cause a positive shift in humanity around how we live and work. I also work 1-on-1 with private clients to help them uncover their genius and put it to awesome use in the world.

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