Anxiety is your ally to live your career dreams

Somehow anxiety got a bad rap.
Like whenever it shows up – we want to shut it down.
It’s like we all have amnesia.

Emotions are actually part of our very important internal GPS system.
We feel positive feelings when something is aligned for us,
and we feel negative feelings as an alert that something is out of alignment for us.

Our feelings help us get through life, IF we listen to their wisdom.
For example, you might feel worry, uneasiness or sick to your stomach as you contemplate taking an important career step.

Your anxiety alerts you to important issues like:
– you’re moving too quickly & need to slow down,
– you’re going in the wrong direction & need to check in with your intuition, or
– you’re trying to force a specific result & not open to better possible options.

Are you getting the gist here? Anxiety is your ally. So notice when she comes around.
And begin resisting the habit to shut her down; instead let her speak to you,
like the GPS in your car that guides you home.