Messages to Open Your Heart, Intuition & Genius

Gina provides inspiration and advice on topics like anxiety, career planning, finding your genius, and spirituality.

Why to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Recently, I was a guest on  See Chicago (airing Sunday nights on WGN TV) for the “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” episode. With my pal and show host Dawn Jackson Blatner, I took on the adventure of trying aerial yoga. If you haven’t heard of it, aerial yoga involves flying in silk fabric and performing yoga suspended up […]

Genius tool: Angel Card Readings

Last week I was interviewed for the new YouTube Series 7 in a 750 hosted by Oh Elisabeth. During the interview, I shared about one of my most fun & popular tools for working with clients to bring forth their genius: angel card readings. In the episode, I do a live reading for the audience. […]

A Meditation to Awaken Divine Purpose

Wanting to connect with your inner genius and be of service to the world? Enjoy this meditation to awaken your divine purpose! Here are 8 minutes of me guiding you to disconnect from the demands of our busy modern world and to tune into your inner Truth.  

Audio Class: Spiritual Career Planning 101

The Spring Equinox, as occurred this week, symbolizes the close of winter darkness and the return of more light on our planet and inside of us. The turning of a season is a powerful time energetically to clarify our career desires and declare what we’d like to manifest over the next several months. Simply put, […]

Feminine energy in business evokes genius

Our society labels certain behaviors in terms of gender. Driving motorcycles is manly, while taking ballet classes is womanly. But what really is the difference between masculine and feminine? We can distinguish the two as types of energy. And both are essential to the living out of our genius. However, we often miss the importance […]

Use the power of your emotions to create your best career

Our emotional state impacts our ability to create the careers we desire. This is because as humans we are made up of energy. And, our emotions generate energy that circulates in and around our bodies. When we experience positively charged emotions – like: love, joy, gratitude, and hopefulness – we draw to us that which […]

Want your team’s genius to flow? Ditch perfectionism.

As a society, we have created a perception of what it looks like to be a strong leader. She is perfectly poised, emotionless, and buttoned up. This is the face of perfectionism. If this is your leader, how does she make you feel day in and day out? What is the message she sends? Well, […]

A tip to avoid bad career advice

A big mistake I often see is people accepting career advice from the wrong people. There is no shortage of people out there who will tell you their opinion about what you should or shouldn’t do with your career.  Too often these are people who – when you look deeper – are unhappy with their professional […]

A genius prerequisite: Self-Love

If you seek fulfillment in your work life, guess where focusing your love can most efficiently give you the results you desire? On YOU! Focusing your love on YOU. I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but self-love is a requirement to knowing and expressing your inner genius. I’ll be honest here. […]

7 simple practices to reduce anxiety

As if the daily grind of our busy modern professional lives aren’t enough, right now we’re all coming down from a high stress election season and entering another season known for provoking pressure: the holidays. So, it’s prime time for us to consider picking up a couple new habits to reduce anxiety. Here are my […]

Reduce stress, boost your genius: Try floating!

I’m going to make a bold assertion here that undermines our culture of workaholicism. Being rested is essential to showing up at work as your most genius and creative self.  Yes, there it is, I said it. Being “busy” and “burning the midnight oil” over the long haul is working against you.  Chronic stress on […]

Curious about meditation? Enjoy this intro video & starter kit!

Meditation is medicine to experience peace, calm, and happiness amidst the craziness of our modern world. Yet, our fast-paced lifestyle may make meditation seem impossible. So I’m here to teach you meditation basics to make this practice fun, easy, and worth your while. The benefits of meditation Let’s start with exploring why you would even […]

How having fun helps discover genius

A KC & The Sunshine Band concert at the House of Blues: this is where I first experienced how having fun helps discover genius.  A successful, rising star lawyer, I was out for an evening with friends. What most people didn’t know was that I felt like I was losing in the game of life. […]

My most recommended Ted talk for new business ideas

If you desire to be free professionally and express your deepest creative genius, it may be in your cards to launch your own business. You may even be the type to launch several business ideas over your lifetime.  Creating a new business concept is kinda like dating. You and your idea have to to get to know each […]

5 pieces of career advice for young adults

As a recent guest on The Dr. John Duffy Podcast, I answered questions for his audience of young adults about how to navigate the early part of their careers. They asked questions like: How do you know if you have an abusive boss? How do you ask for a raise? And how do you know if […]

Relieve doubt about your genius with a prayer

Want to serve others in a big way through your genius? As enlivening as a big, purposeful career feels, it also rouses inner discomfort. This road has twists and turns, ups and downs – all to help you shed away baggage to release what you no longer need to be who you are most meant […]

Don’t make career decisions using this word

Beware: Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself Did you ever try to wear something because it looked great on your friend or because it was the latest fashion trend; but when you put it on, it was either an outright disaster or something was just a little off? The same can happen in your career. It’s so […]

Successful, yet not fulfilled at work? Do this

Have you seen J.K. Rowling’s speech about the benefits of failure? She speaks about how being broke and poor (a classic failure) catalyzed her forward to follow her dreams, which led to her writing the Harry Potter books (an epic success). But what if you’re actually quite successful in your career, yet still not following […]

Top 3 songs to catalyze career joy

Desire more harmony in your career? Music is one of the most powerful healing tools available to us. It’s easily accessible and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. Impactful lyrics can open our hearts and speak to our souls, and vibrational tones can change the very makeup of our cells from negative to positive. You know this is true […]

Swimming in career success yet drowning in unfulfillment

For the many people who can relate to the situation I found myself in 10 years ago – swimming in career success, yet drowning in professional unfulfillment – here’s an excerpt from my recent interview with Donna Marie Post advising about the very early stage of beginning to create your most passionate and happy career …   […]

The genius of being a highly sensitive person

Many of my clients are highly sensitive people. Because sensitivity has received a bad rap, I coach my clients quite a bit about the genius that this quality indicates and how to use that for good and also how to navigate the challenges. Being highly sensitive – first and foremost – tells me that you are highly intuitive, psychic, and can read […]

Open your career joy with a song: The Career Freedom Anthem

If you’re going back to work this July 5th feeling less than free, you’re not alone! 52% of American workers are unsatisfied at work, and 7 out of 10 are not fully engaged. It doesn’t have to be this way! Join the 30% of Americans who dare to love their work! You can start right now by simply ASKING for what you […]

Injustice incites genius. Are you feeling the call?

Out of tragic events come movements. People banding together. People advocating change. When you feel particularly angered by an issue in the news or that has touched you personally, this is a time to check in with yourself. Take inventory and ask: The world is in need of all kinds of genius to cure societal ills like gun violence, […]

Enter Your Career Fun Zone with a Musical Meditation

Do you want to work all day or pLaY? Some people say they don’t want to turn their hobbies into their career because then what was once fun would feel like work. Huh? Seriously. What? I have found that life is WAAAAYYYYYY more fun, amazeballs, (insert your fav adjective here) when you spend your time […]

Be like Jim. Live your career dreams thru your genius

Want to start a business? Run for political office? Become a famous actor?  Some dreams are so big they appear damn near impossible, especially at the beginning. But anything is possible if you first believe. Then allow time, and keep taking inspired actions. And then there are secrets – magic, if you will – that really catalyze a dream with great velocity. In this video, Jim Carrey […]

Suffering from career boredom? Here’s your cure!

Many professionals suffer from legit boredom. They may be busy with an overwhelming number of tasks, yet none are very interesting or stimulating. Here’s how this boring trend emerges: Professionals – like doctors, lawyers, and business persons – are excessively trained in linear thinking; and so they view their career and most of what they do with a linear lens. Linear meaning: step A + step B must = […]

Not yet doing work you love? This tip’s for you!

If you’re not yet doing work you love… Create time to pursue activities that feel fun to you. You just never know, they might lead to your future dream career. This actually happened to me! When I was a lawyer feeling very unclear about what I wanted to do with the rest of my career, I began to “play” in […]

Lessons from Superman & Popeye on Career Depression

Kryptonite is a substance that takes the almighty Superman down. It makes him weak, depressed, and unable to perform his awesome superhero functions. Although we often try to pretend we are superhuman and have no needs whatsoever, as humans we are actually quite fragile and sensitive. Certain substances or neglectful behavior toward basic needs can trigger feelings of depression which may spiral into believing you are ill-equipped or unworthy of your […]

Anxiety is your ally to live your career dreams

Somehow anxiety got a bad rap. Like whenever it shows up – we want to shut it down. It’s like we all have amnesia. Emotions are actually part of our very important internal GPS system. We feel positive feelings when something is aligned for us, and we feel negative feelings as an alert that something […]

My #1 Most Recommended Ted Talk to Clients

My clients are up to big things! Leading companies, managing high-stakes clients, inventing new products and systems, and dealing with the occasional asshole with kindness and compassion. Internally, they are up to big things too! Hearing their soul’s calling, confronting fears, taking leaps of faith, and learning to do all of this free from panic. So, I like to keep my clients inspired. You know, […]

5 Steps to Set Your Top Career Priorities

To experience the career you most desire, you must first get clear on and set goals around what you want. To support you, I’m sharing my 5-part process for setting career priorities. This process provides steps to ensure that the priorities you set are ripe and ready to be acted upon now, and you don’t waste time in areas that are good ideas but […]

Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday with a game & $100 perk!

Today, 3.14, is Albert Einstein’s birthday! We all know him as a genius. In his honor, I’ve created a fun social media game designed to: – spread awareness that we all have genius, – provide players with insight about their genius, and – offer players a $100 discount to my 3 Session Genius Kickstart! Check out […]

A meditation to save you from hours of self-doubt & worry

#1 reason to meditate: Receive genius messages from your inner wisdom! People often skip meditation saying: “I don’t have time!” Hey, guilty over here too. But this excuse is a trick of the mind. The Truth is: meditation saves time! During meditation, you connect to a deeper part of yourself: your inner wisdom. From this […]

A prayer to notice signs of your genius

Prayer is a powerful tool. It is your way to communicate with the universe, God,   your angels, or whatever divine energy you believe in – to ask for what you desire. It is said that divine beings like to be asked! So I’ve got a special gift for you:  a 2-minute prayer I recorded to […]

Warning! Your survival instincts hate your genius

Your genius speaks to you through your most awesome & visionary ideas. It goes like this: You see a problem and realize a solution, or You see a need and recognize how to fill it, or You see how badly others are trying to handle something and you see a better way. You know an […]

Look out! Fear of criticism is a major genius killer

One of the biggest reasons our genius hides from us is fear of criticism. We are afraid of what others will think of us if we show who we really are, how we really feel, and what we really believe. This is natural. Our genius includes our most vulnerable parts. It’s who we are at […]

Surprise twist! When you’re annoyed, you can see your genius

You know those super annoying moments. You’re with someone & they don’t get it. They are doing the totally wrong thing, but don’t see it. And you’re like “hmph, this idiot!” or “WTF, this a$$hole!” These are magical insight moments into your genius. Here’s what I mean… Your genius isn’t second nature; it’s your first […]

This is how you make a better world

Ok so THIS is how you make a better world: Something is totally broke – Like animals in cages, living awful lives, greenhouse gases poisoning our air. And rather than be in denial or complaining You INVENT something better. Then the old way becomes obsolete. Love wins! Genius. Bam.  

Special Alert: Watch out for Assholes

I reserve name-calling and swearing for dramatic, important points. And here is one: We humans suffer a lot trying to fit into society’s standards. Good/bad, right/wrong, worthy/unworthy. So stop trying to fit in. And, please don’t tell others how to live. We are all happiest when we are true to ourselves! So … If you […]

Perfect Timing

In so much of life these days we rush to decide, fix, or take action. We operate on someone else’s schedule (boss, family member, significant other, child, etc).  Or we pressure ourselves like we “should” be able to figure this thing out or act NOW. But that pressure ignores the idea of perfect timing. When […]

Your Magical Words

“I am living my ideal life.” I heard these words about a year ago in an affirmations recording. And my heart said “yes please, I’ll take some of that.” Like I was ordering a sandwich. I knew these words were magical for me. I felt inspired to keep these words close. So I posted them […]

Genius at Work featuring “The Space Whisperer”

Your genius is the purposeful work you were born to do + natural gifts to see it through. So what does genius look like? It’s NOT something you heard as a traditional career option growing up. Instead, your genius is what you’ve done really well & easily since childhood, but didn’t recognize as career-worthy.  This […]

Are you a Sleeping Visionary?

I’m hoping to wake up some sleeping visionaries out there! Could you be one? Check out this video for a simple test and other insights into the visionary life.

What I left in Guatemala

When you identify something that’s not working, the great news is you now have the power to change it!  Here’s a personal experience of mine to help you see this in your own life: The simple truth is: YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY WITH YOUR THOUGHTS. What are  YOU struggling with that is not working in […]

Looking for “more” when you don’t know what “more” is

Have you felt like there’s “more” out there in life for you, but aren’t sure what “more” is?  Here’s my blog to unlock the mystery: If this video left you wanting more, your wish is granted!  Here are some inspired actions you can take: Know Yourself Notice your heroes, role models, favorite characters, and people […]

Overcoming Anxiety & Your Inner Critic

Feeling anxious about an issue? Hearing only your inner critic? Underneath our feelings of fear, anxiety & stress are negative thoughts. You can transform these thoughts by connecting with your heart. And guess what? That means the negative feelings go away!  Peep in here on a client session to see how this works…