Enter Your Career Fun Zone with a Musical Meditation

Do you want to work all day or pLaY?

Some people say they don’t want to turn their hobbies into their career because then what was once fun would feel like work.

Huh? Seriously. What?

I have found that life is WAAAAYYYYYY more fun, amazeballs, (insert your fav adjective here) when you spend your time doing what you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid. In my study of genius, I also see a clear connection that what you want to do just because you love it is also what you are best at doing.

So, if your professional life feels like “work” vs “play,” tune into this fun musical meditation I co-created with Sound Healer & Mantra Artist Jennifer Alexander. Let this open your heart & mind to an aspect of your genius that will cause epic fun when you bring it into your career. Warning: awesomeness lies ahead.