The genius of being a highly sensitive person

Many of my clients are highly sensitive people. Because sensitivity has received a bad rap, I coach my clients quite a bit about the genius that this quality indicates and how to use that for good and also how to navigate the challenges.

Being highly sensitive – first and foremost – tells me that you are highly intuitive, psychic, and can read the energy vibes around you like nobody’s business. This means, you don’t miss a beat. You always see the truth of what’s happening, often when others don’t. You can be very empathetic and understanding, which makes you an incredible friend and healer. And, this trait also indicates you hold great potential to be one of the emerging leaders toward creating a more loving and tolerant world.

To live up to your full potential, you also want to be honest about and deal with the challenges of being highly sensitive. Here are some of the issues you face:
Issue 1: You can easily absorb others’ negative energy which causes you to feel bad.
Issue 2: You experience difficult emotions 10 times more intensely than other.
Issue 3: People have probably told you all your life that you are “too sensitive” and to “toughen up,” so you often feel insecure about your sensitivity, like something is wrong with you. (Nothing is wrong with you!)

As a highly sensitive person, you need some tools to deal with these challenges.  Check out this video containing 12 practices that can make a big difference. While they may sound like self care for anyone, they are essential for a highly sensitive person
to allow the genius of this trait to flourish.

Here are a few more resources for highly sensitive people: “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World” by Ted Zeff PhD, “16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People” on HuffPo, and “25 habits of Highly Sensitive People” on Lifehack.

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