Don’t make career decisions using this word

Beware: Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself

Did you ever try to wear something because it looked great on your friend or because it was the latest fashion trend; but when you put it on, it was either an outright disaster or something was just a little off? The same can happen in your career.

It’s so easy to make career decisions based on what other people are doing that looks important or worthwhile or based on what people we trust say is hot or not. Society, our parents, our peers – they all have something to say about the “best” career track that will lead to the most success. And those ideas then get programmed into our own minds as what we ‘should’ do in our career.

But what if you’re driven to discover your passion, higher calling, and what will make you happy at work?

If that is true about you, look out for the word “should” in making your career decisions. When you consider doing something with a sense of “I should do this” – there is an energy to that. It feels like obligation and heavy on your shoulders. It’s like you’re saying: “ok, I’ll do this thing even though I don’t really want to.”

In contrast, when you do something in your work that feels fun, like your truest expression, like what you really want to do; it is similar to wearing an outfit that you feel super great in, regardless of how it ranks on the fashion police radar. If it suits you just right, you will feel like a million bucks. And you will absolutely show up as your best self and rock whatever you’re doing to the fullest. Isn’t that exactly the kind of “success” you’re looking for?

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