Elevate yourself to be the lawyer you most want to be!
Tap into your inner genius and most creative mind to solve legal issues
Stand out and be recognized and respected as an expert in a distinct niche area
Be inspired and focused with clear long and short term goals for your career
Engage in meaningful public service activities and roles that make a positive impact in areas that  matter to you
Attract new clients and and other key contacts with ease to ensure the sustainability of your practice and projects
Create a supportive network of partners, colleagues, and mentors to aid in achieving your goals
And, thrive with a fun and fulfilling personal life outside of work


The law is a noble and important profession, and being a lawyer creates awesome responsibility and opportunity. In law school, you transform from an unknowing novice to a sharply trained member of a highly-esteemed, long-standing profession. After the grueling law school years, it would be nice to think your education is over. It’s not! To stay at the top of your game and to enjoy your work, this profession requires a lifelong commitment to learning and growing! This program is designed for attorneys who are ready to elevate to their next professional level up, which might include:

  • defining a niche,
  • standing out in a new firm,
  • positioning for partner,
  • learning to be a rainmaker,
  • running for political office,
  • recovering from a career setback,
  • changing firms, or
  • starting a new firm or law related business.

Times of elevation can be among the most trying, tricky, and triumphant moments of your career.  You can do this alone, of course. Or, as you do for your clients, you can hire an expert to guide you, and make the processes simpler and more fun!

This program provides you with the support of a guide and a champion who is specially skilled and invested with you in seeing through your goals. And, this program gives you a structure to commit and carve out dedicated time to focus your efforts.  A supportive structure is vitally important to reaching your goals and elevating to where you desire to go, because as you know, your legal career and current commitments will consume absolutely all of your time and then some. Another year can easily pass where you have not outlined your goals or made significant progress toward your higher vision for yourself. You deserve better!

Being a lawyer is a vocation, a calling. This program will ensure you find and carve out your niche and be clear on the work you are meant to do with your legal training and advocacy skills. You work hard. And you deserve the reward of reveling in the knowledge that your work matters! This program is designed to give you that feeling of fulfillment from the inside out. And when you develop that inner sense of being on your highest path, the magic begins to unfold.  The resources you need synchronistically find their way to you.


You will receive one hour or 90 minute sessions of private, 1-on-1 education, soul guidance, career coaching and mentorship with Gina Marotta. Meetings can be held weekly or twice a month, depending on your desired pace. And meetings can take place at Gina’s downtown office in person or virtually over phone or Skype. This program also includes access to Gina between sessions over email.

Working with Gina, you’ll learn how to –

  • Create your vision and a written map defining your career elevation goals
  • Recognize and overcome your own blocks to the success you seek
  • Identify and share with others your natural talents to become known and recognized for your niche area of expertise
  • Bring out your creativity, inner genius, and best ideas in your daily work
  • Network and attract the people and other resources you need to accomplish your goals
  • Place yourself in positions of leadership in the industry
  • Engage industry influencers as your career or project champions
  • Be true to yourself even when dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Use mindfulness practices to sharpen your judgment and decision making

Results you can expect –

  • Navigating your actions from a career plan that inspires you
  • Aligning your personal values and professional life
  • Feeling increased control of your career destiny
  • Being recognized, acknowledged, and called upon for your expertise
  • Securing leadership roles that raise your visibility and forward your goals
  • Enjoying meaningful and supportive relationships
  • Elevating your mindfulness practices for heightened clarity and confidence
  • Trusting yourself in making better decisions
  • Experiencing magic and synchronicity in chance meetings and positive outcomes aligned with your goals
  • Increasing your sense of career satisfaction, and
  • Feeling enhanced joy, peace and harmony in your work and daily life.


Gina Marotta brings a trifecta of wisdom and experience to this program to serve as the highly qualified expert and career coach guiding your next elevation upwards in your legal career.

She knows the life of a lawyer.
Gina holds 10 years experience in the legal industry, where she worked along side the most highly-respected individuals in the profession. Gina built her reputation early which laid the foundation for her success. In law school, she utilized her exceptional skills as a legal writer to launch a brief writing business.  As graduation approached, Gina didn’t need to interview for a job. Based on her reputation and work to date, she was offered a position at a top notch criminal defense firm, which was exactly where she wanted to be. During her years as a practicing attorney, Gina worked on Chicago’s highest profile cases ranging from political corruption to murder and everything in between.

She is skilled in business.
Gina has 15+ years experience in business as an entrepreneur and in organizational leadership. After leaving the legal profession, Gina was hired as the Managing Director to the national nonprofit organization Step Up Women’s Network. There, she reported directly to the CEO and was responsible for all aspects of Chicago operations and business development. Wearing many hats, Gina engaged in strategic planning, management, program development, marketing, branding, budgeting, and fundraising. Gina was also the voice of the organization in Chicago. Her grit and can do attitude launched the organization off the ground in Chicago from its inception. She was most well known during her time at Step Up for networking and engaging the right talent for key roles, which caused the organization to flourish under her leadership.

She is gifted in seeing and bringing out inner genius.
Gina’s most magical gift is spotting genius and bringing out people’s best ideas and highest potential. She does this in developing successful teams, working one on one with clients, and at random places and spaces as opportunities present themselves. Gina also has a keen sense for detecting the innermost blocks that hold people back, and then checking her toolbelt of practical and magical empowerment tools to overcome the blocks. She is a lifetime student of self-empowerment, mindfulness, and spiritual practices that help us create our most desired results in work and life. Just sit with her once in talking about a professional issue, and I dare you to leave without a major life-altering insight!


The first step is to email Gina and schedule a 30 minute consultation call. During this call you will discuss:

  • What are your present pain points professionally – what is not working or feeling out of alignment?
  • What do you know about what you desire for the next stage of your career?
  • How are you hoping Gina can help you?

You also will have the opportunity to ask Gina any questions about the program, her style, etc. Following the call, Gina will send you a customized recommendation that includes options for duration of engagement, pace, number of sessions, and pricing. Then, you’ll have a second meeting to discuss the options and choose what is best for you.