Monthly magic lessons to achieve your career dreams

Want to …
Fully express yourself and your talents in your career?
Create positive change in the world through your work?
Connect with women who hold similar dreams?

Let’s turn your desires into reality!

In this class, you will generate positive results the way women did in ancient times, by gathering in a circle with other change-makers to invoke the powers of feminine energy.

Each class includes lessons to advance your career dreams with spiritual tools like: meditation, cultivating heart wisdom, opening vulnerability, setting intentions, performing rituals, and reading oracle cards. And most important, as The Genius Guru, I will help you tune more deeply into what your career needs more than anything else: your inner genius. Your inner genius includes: the natural talent you were born with, your real-world and educational experience, and the areas you most desire to create positive change.

This program is designed to help you…

  • Break through fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and anything blocking the flow of your genius.
  • Take the courageous actions your heart and intuition are calling for to follow your career dreams.
  • And, cause magical results for projects most important to you and impactful on the lives you want to touch through your work!


There are 3 events in this magic-making series with the following themes:

November: Weaving the Dream of Your Future Awesome Career
(This class includes a fun daydreaming meditation and exercise to open your heart and mind to what you most desire so that your career will be fun, fulfilling, and fruitful. Plus, you will learn magical practices for the month ahead to help bring those dreams to life, including: setting intentions and reading signs).

December: Shedding Old Ways that No Longer Support You
(This class includes a meditation and group discussion to help you discover what old habit is blocking the results you most desire. Everyone will participate in a group ritual to release their individual blocks. Plus, you will learn magical tools to take forward in the month including symbolic action and the art of allowing.)

January: Shining in the Full Glory of Your Unique Genius
(This class is a celebration of your unique genius and includes a lesson on opening up your heart to let your light fully shine, not only to improve your life but to illuminate the magic in others be it your team, customers, or potential customers you are calling to you. You will learn the magical tools of heart wisdom and vulnerability to take forward as you do your career visioning for the year).

This class is for women in your dream career now or in the process of discovering it.
You can attend one event, or even better, all three!
Space is limited to 12 persons per event, so register early!


Tangible & feel good outcomes:img_djbquote

— enjoy a safe space to talk through real issues you’re facing,
— receive clarity of your goals and how to bring them to life,
— acquire fun & powerful tools you can take and use anytime,
— open your inner genius to inspire creative solutions,
— gain a renewed sense of clarity, courage & confidence, and
— meet like-minded people to help you succeed.


Upcoming dates – 1st Tuesdays from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm:
November 1
December 6
January 3

All events are held at my office: 79 W. Monroe, Suite 827.


$90 per event or register for all 3 for $270.
12 spots per class, so register early to guarantee yours!
Using this to forward goals at your job? Consider asking your employer to pay or reimburse you for this workshop series.

Tickets are no longer available for this event. Check out other event opportunities HERE!