My most recommended Ted talk for new business ideas

If you desire to be free professionally and express your deepest creative genius, it may be in your cards to launch your own business. You may even be the type to launch several business ideas over your lifetime.  Creating a new business concept is kinda like dating. You and your idea have to to get to know each other. As a way to help my clients get better acquainted with any of their new business ideas, my most recommended Ted talk is Simon Sinek’s, which is ranked 3rd most popular of all time.

These days, I’m talking about this Ted talk every day in connection with my new Launch in 30 program. This is a program to help individuals with great business ideas get the ideas out of their hearts and out into the world in as little as 30 days.

Simon’s talk is so great to help launch a new business idea because he provides a structure to really get to know your concept. He talks about identifying the why, the how, and the what – which he refers to as “The Golden Circle.”  The why is the big purpose of your business or the reason you even exist, which Simon describes as the most important element. He says it is through sharing clearly your why that you will attract the right customers: those who also believe what you believe.  The how of your business, Simon says, is what makes your business special over others in the same marketplace. It’s what I talk about as your genius. And the what is simply the product or service you’re currently offering. The what may change over time.

Fear and doubt come with the territory of starting anything new, and launching a new business concept is no exception. Simon’s talk is a god-send for anyone looking to gain more courage and confidence in a new business idea.  Identifying the why, how, and what your idea totally changes the game. I’ve seen entrepreneurs who sensed they might have a good idea shift very quickly into confident crusaders of something big and purposeful by doing this golden circle exercise. Their deeper sense of purpose and unique genius quickly inspires action and calls upon grace to catalyze success. It’s quite amazing to witness such transformations!

To get more in the know of what all this excitement is about, check out my most recommended Ted talk to launch new business ideas here:

If after watching this, you’d like to uncover the why, how, and what of your latest business idea, let’s have a conversation about how I can apply my genius to support you. Contact me now!

5 pieces of career advice for young adults


As a recent guest on The Dr. John Duffy Podcast, I answered questions for his audience of young adults about how to navigate the early part of their careers. They asked questions like: How do you know if you have an abusive boss? How do you ask for a raise? And how do you know if you’re moving on from a job that isn’t right for you vs. just “quitting?” Dr. Duffy’s team named the episode: “The Workplace Advice You’re Not Getting,” and from the show, here are 5 pieces of career advice for young adults (and all humans!) who want to navigate their careers authentically and mindfully:

  1. Only take career advice from people who you admire how they’ve navigated their careers.
  2. Work that is your natural genius is not hard to you, it’s fun and easy.
  3. Dealing with difficult people will be part of your career and can help you grow into a better person.
  4. Money is only one part of the equation to measure your success.
  5. Following your true desires around work is essential to your your physical and emotional health.

Appearing on Dr. Duffy’s show was important to me because I believe many teens and young adults are getting out-of-date and frankly BAD advice from many adults. As someone who works with adults in their 30ies, 40ies and 5oies about their biggest career regrets and ways they got off course, it is my intention to help this next generation stay on course around their genius from the very beginning.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode, answering the questions mentioned above and more HERE. (8/24 episode). And check out more awesomeness with Dr. Duffy by subscribing to his podcast.

About Dr. John Duffy:
Dr. Duffy is a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, certified life coach, parenting and relationship expert, and husband and father. He has been working with individuals, couples, teens, and families for nearly twenty years. Along with his clinical work, Dr. Duffy is the author of the number-one best-selling book The Available Parent, as well as a frequent parenting and relationship expert on the Steve Harvey Show.

Relieve doubt about your genius with a prayer

Want to serve others in a big way through your genius?

As enlivening as a big, purposeful career feels, it also rouses inner discomfort.
This road has twists and turns, ups and downs – all to help you shed away baggage
to release what you no longer need to be who you are most meant to become.

These challenges bring major self doubt –
perhaps as you watch someone else get ahead and you feel behind, or
perhaps as you try something new and it doesn’t take off the way you planned, or
perhaps as you procrastinate because you’re too afraid to really go for it.

If you’re craving a reprieve from feeling too unworthy, unprepared, or uncertain
to truly follow the big career calling in your heart, I’ve got a treat for you!

While sitting by the ocean this week, I video recorded a prayer for you,
to release the doubt and open to guidance toward your greatness.

Remember: those of us with the biggest connection to purpose, are often the ones most sensitive to the doubt. So know that it’s ok to feel it, just don’t get stuck there.

Don’t make career decisions using this word

Beware: Don’t ‘Should’ on Yourself

Did you ever try to wear something because it looked great on your friend or because it was the latest fashion trend; but when you put it on, it was either an outright disaster or something was just a little off? The same can happen in your career.

It’s so easy to make career decisions based on what other people are doing that looks important or worthwhile or based on what people we trust say is hot or not. Society, our parents, our peers – they all have something to say about the “best” career track that will lead to the most success. And those ideas then get programmed into our own minds as what we ‘should’ do in our career.

But what if you’re driven to discover your passion, higher calling, and what will make you happy at work?

If that is true about you, look out for the word “should” in making your career decisions. When you consider doing something with a sense of “I should do this” – there is an energy to that. It feels like obligation and heavy on your shoulders. It’s like you’re saying: “ok, I’ll do this thing even though I don’t really want to.”

In contrast, when you do something in your work that feels fun, like your truest expression, like what you really want to do; it is similar to wearing an outfit that you feel super great in, regardless of how it ranks on the fashion police radar. If it suits you just right, you will feel like a million bucks. And you will absolutely show up as your best self and rock whatever you’re doing to the fullest. Isn’t that exactly the kind of “success” you’re looking for?

If you’d like to dig deeper into this topic and learn how to untangle yourself from the ‘shoulds’ of your career, you can! Check out my Aug 21 interview on The Dr. John Duffy Podcast. The episode is titled: “Why ‘should’ is literally the worst word ever.”

Tune in HERE.

And if you want more of Dr. Duffy & I, check out the second episode of my interview released on 8/24 where we take Q & A from young adults on navigating your career path. Tune in HERE.


Successful, yet not fulfilled at work? Do this

Have you seen J.K. Rowling’s speech about the benefits of failure? She speaks about how being broke and poor (a classic failure) catalyzed her forward to follow her dreams, which led to her writing the Harry Potter books (an epic success).

But what if you’re actually quite successful in your career, yet still not following your dreams? Or even more, what if you’re not sure what dream you’d follow if you had the chance?

What most people in these situations say is “I should just be grateful to have a job.” Hey, gratitude is great! But don’t let gratitude for your well-paying job guilt you out of exploring what kind of career you’d love, feel naturally great at, and maybe even experience as what you were born to do.

Here’s an idea that will knock your socks off: you can stay in your current career AND explore what you might want next.

Depending on where your head is at, there are two possible ways to proceed:

(1) If you don’t know what you’d want to do, your next step is … to create time and space for self-discovery and awareness. Get to know yourself just like you would a new friend. This is what I did to lead me to each of my major career transitions that more aligned my work with my genius and my sense of greater purpose.  (Read my story here).

(2) If you already have a sense of what you want to do, your next step is … to start putting together your goals and a plan. The goals may feel unreasonable at first, but once you develop a plan with some thoughtful strategies, you’ll be off and running!

I guide people in my 3-Session Genius Jumpstart program through these processes – if you don’t want to navigate this alone. We get clear on what your true career interests are and/or if you know them, we create your plan. Either way, these sessions get you moving toward those feelings you really desire at work – fulfillment, making a meaningful impact, becoming an expert in what you love and are passionate about, and helping others to reach their potential too.

Click here to learn more about the 3 session Genius Jumpstart. I hate seeing people waste years living “so cautiously” (as J.K. Rowling says) that you never get to fulfill on your career desires. So please remember: you can unlock your unique inner genius and set yourself free to do the work you were born to do! Just take one of these next steps!

With love,
Gina, Your Genius Guru

Top 3 songs to catalyze career joy

Desire more harmony in your career?

Music is one of the most powerful healing tools available to us.
It’s easily accessible and it doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.

Impactful lyrics can open our hearts and speak to our souls,
and vibrational tones can change the very makeup of our cells from negative to positive.

You know this is true from that feeling you’ve had when driving in a car
with really loud music, singing your heart out at the top of your lungs.

Music frees you to feel what you really feel,
and own the desires that you don’t always admit you hold deeply in your heart.

So for those of you who desire a more joyful and fulfilling professional life –
one that is more in harmony with who you really are – I’ve got a special treat.

I’ve put together a short list of my top 3 transformational songs.
Here they are:

Shake It Out, Florence + The Machine
When you feel stuck, unhappy, or like you’re not following your own north star in your career, this song is very powerful for acknowledging your own beliefs and behavior patterns that are not working, and releasing them through singing the powerful lyrics and literally dancing to shake out the old.


Shift, David Newman
When you feel yourself opening to change, even if you don’t know what that change is yet, this song is great for its powerful lyrics to acknowledge the desire you feel within for more love, peace, and harmony. By singing the lyrics or even humming along the melody, you are aligning your energy with those desires, and that has the power to catalyze change in your external experiences.


I Surrender, I Receive, Jennifer Alexander
When you are feeling unsure of your path, this song harmonizes you with the old adage: Let Go and Let God. Basically, as you hear in the lyrics, you proclaim to let go of trying to figure anything out (“I surrender”). And you offer up to be shown what is your path that reflects the Truth of who you are (“I receive”).

P.S. These are all dowloadable on iTunes!
Blessings to you that these songs create the harmony you desire in your career!

Injustice incites genius. Are you feeling the call?

Out of tragic events come movements. People banding together. People advocating change.

When you feel particularly angered by an issue in the news or that has touched you personally, this is a time to check in with yourself. Take inventory and ask:


The world is in need of all kinds of genius to cure societal ills like gun violence, hate crimes, sexual assault, and war. We need more advocates, teachers, storytellers, and organizers.  Are you feeling called?

Here is a prayer & meditation I recorded for those of you who are.

We need your leadership. Hallelujah!

Enter Your Career Fun Zone with a Musical Meditation

Do you want to work all day or pLaY?

Some people say they don’t want to turn their hobbies into their career because then what was once fun would feel like work.

Huh? Seriously. What?

I have found that life is WAAAAYYYYYY more fun, amazeballs, (insert your fav adjective here) when you spend your time doing what you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid. In my study of genius, I also see a clear connection that what you want to do just because you love it is also what you are best at doing.

So, if your professional life feels like “work” vs “play,” tune into this fun musical meditation I co-created with Sound Healer & Mantra Artist Jennifer Alexander. Let this open your heart & mind to an aspect of your genius that will cause epic fun when you bring it into your career. Warning: awesomeness lies ahead.



Be like Jim. Live your career dreams thru your genius

Want to start a business? Run for political office? Become a famous actor? 

Some dreams are so big they appear damn near impossible, especially at the beginning. But anything is possible if you first believe. Then allow time, and keep taking inspired actions.

And then there are secrets – magic, if you will – that really catalyze a dream with great velocity. In this video, Jim Carrey reveals his secret to creating his first $10 million payday.

You might say, “yeah Gina, easy for Jim Carrey! He’s a comedic genius!” Whelp, that is true. So I ask you, “what is your genius?” Everyone has genius & tremendous potential, just like Jim.

If you don’t know what your genius is yet, that simply means it is locked up inside of you, and needs to be set free!  I’ve got two solutions for you:

1. Check out this prayer I recorded for you to receive clues around your genius.
2. Join me next Tues at my new class: How to Unlock Your Genius & Love Your Career.

And bonus #3!!! We’ll conclude with a poem I wrote for you:

There are no more excuses, if you don’t want there to be. 
If it’s in your heart, set your genius free!

Not yet doing work you love? This tip’s for you!

If you’re not yet doing work you love…

Create time to pursue activities that feel fun to you. You just never know, they might lead to your future dream career. This actually happened to me!

When I was a lawyer feeling very unclear about what I wanted to do with the rest of my career, I began to “play” in activities that I was curious about.

A few examples:

I was curious about charity work … so I organized a fundraiser for a nonprofit helping teens in low income communities. I was curious about gathering like-minded professional women … so I started a monthly networking club. I was curious about creating meaningful events … so I designed, produced & ran a seminar for women.

What seemed like random curiosities all added up my next dream job!

As fate would have it, I ended up leaving the legal industry to become the founding Managing Director of Step Up Women’s Network. This organization held events and created programs to empower women professionals and teen girls in low income communities. It’s like all that “playtime” prepared me for a job I didn’t even know to look for.

Ok, your turn: What are you curious about & where would you love to play?


Want to hear more about my career story as an example of unlocking genius? 
Visit this page HERE.
Or listen to this podcast HERE.