The world is changing and you are part of the ReVoLuTiOn! With the rise of divine feminine wisdom on the planet, survival-mode thinking is coming to an end. You no longer have to “suck it up and take it.” Not in your job, your romantic relationships, your family, or any part of your life. Struggle is optional. You can choose joy, aliveness, depth, and purpose! What is the Goddess Revolution? It’s about trading in those out-of-style survival-mode values and living fully in your feminine powers, like:


As a woman, you bear the powers of the goddess. Working with me as someone trained in these teachings to hold space for you and guide you, you can bring your goddess powers forward in your daily life. You are a divine light of feminine love, meant to fully express your heart and soul while you are here on earth. You have greatness inside you. And the world needs you!

Raise your awareness, your consciousness, your power. Create exactly the life you want! Your work can feel like play. Your relationships can nourish you. You can give your gifts to the world. You can make a difference. Everything you hope for is possible! Everything.


The Goddess ReVoLuTiOn program is based in teachings of the divine feminine as passed down in modern times by Ariel Spilsbury through her 13 Moon Oracle Card deck and technology, and as taught to me through Christine Arylo. In this program, I will pass these teachings on to you showing you how to create love, peace and harmony – from the inside out! Through private education & empowerment, you will make the ReVoLuTiOn real in your professional endeavors and in your relationship with yourself and others. And as you grow in greater self-love and fill up in your needs, you will notice the world around you becomes more aligned with your heart’s truest desires.

Your program includes:

You will receive 6 months of private, 1-on-1 heart and soul guidance with me around both your spiritual and professional development. This includes 2 meetings per month and also access to me between sessions over email.

This program is designed to teach you about the divine feminine, activate the goddess wisdom in you, and uncover your inner genius. We start with an Oracle Card reading from the 13 Moon deck, to learn which inner lessons and qualities are most important your path. That reading will help shape your customized program.

You will experience:262

  • Education and activation around your inner goddess powers
  • Training and support in opening your psychic channels
  • True support of a personal champion in your corner
  • Being deeply heard and understood such that your genius and best ideas can flourish
  • Learning to recognize your own blocks and self sabotage habits
  • Satisfaction and fulfillment from stepping into the work you were born to do

Results include:

  • Making yourself and your needs a priority
  • Clarifying your unique gifts
  • Opening your creativity and activating your best ideas
  • Shifting to a more authentic career role, that may include launching a dream business
  • Elevating your mindfulness practices and sense of presence and higher purpose
  • Developing patience and a sense of right timing
  • Experiencing magic and synchronicity in chance meetings and positive outcomes
  • Feeling free to be authentically who you are at work and in your life
  • Trusting yourself in making decisions to shape your daily life and future
  • Cultivating meaningful and supportive relationships
  • Feeling enhanced joy, peace and harmony in your daily life

Feeling inspired and called to this program?

If this program speaks to your spiritual growth and expansion desires, email me to schedule a consultation to begin our conversation about your enrollment. This program includes a written agreement between you and me and is available by invitation only.