Upcoming Events



If you’re a big dreamer and want to hang with other big dreamers to map out your year, this event is for you …

Sat. Jan 14, 9 am – 4pm
Location TBA
Includes special guest speaker:
Dawn Jackson Blatner sharing about her winning year in 2016 and how you can win with your vision



If you’re working in your genius zone & want to build your tools & tribe…

Enjoy hands-on, experiential learning in a small group setting. Bring a current professional roadblock you’re facing such as: low sales, lack of resources, or uncertainty of direction, and be guided through an inspiring method to tap into your inner genius and unlock your very own most creative and effective solutions.

More dates in 2017!

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If you’re curious where else my work is being featured …

Jan 9: WGN Radio, Amy Guth Show
Mar 24: Mr. & Mrs. DIGZ Salon
Apr 17: Mac & Cheese Productions
Apr 27: Awesome At Your Job Podcast
Apr 27: Ravenswood Health Center
Jun 14: American Bar Association
Jun 30: 1871
Jul 2: WGN Radio, Business Lunch
Jul: I Admire You web magazine
Aug 22: The Dr. John Duffy Podcast
Aug 24: The Dr. John Duffy Podcast
Nov 9: John Marshall Law School
Nov 12: Relaxapalooza Festival
Nov 29: Girls Gone Real Podcast
Nov 30: WGN Radio with Jane Monzures
Dec 2: Sat Nam Healing Circle