Kristen_011Finding Your Genius is a process that takes an investment of time and energy in self-discovery.
You can do it yourself and start right now by committing to a simple daily practice.

Pick a consistent time each day where you can take 10 quiet minutes to yourself.
Bring a pad of paper or a journal.
Write each of the four headings below on one sheet of paper to review the day you just experienced.
What can you say about your day under each of these headings?

  • Best parts of the day (felt fun, easy & meaningful)
  • Struggles of the day (felt hard)
  • What I did well (you or others noticed as a talent)
  • Insights (what you see about yourself from today’s answers)

Within just a few weeks of doing this exercise regularly, you’ll reveal your inner secrets of what you do and say all the time with ease and joy.