HeartAtWork01Let your heart lead, your genius flow & feel like a badass at work

Building a dream from your genius takes a lot of positivity, guts, grit, courage, love and support! It’s easy to put it off by being busy with other responsibilities. And it’s totally normal to try to do it the hard way with a lot of self doubt, worry, and fear.

Creating your dream among other visionaries applying their genius can feel totally different. You have the experience of being seen and understood. They see your greatness, cheer you on, and offer friendly support. And as you watch their brave journeys, you also gain inspiration and momentum around your own.

As part of my Heart at Work program, genius circles are designed to support you in bringing your vision to life.  I will teach from tools in psychology, spirituality & business to inspire insightful conversation.  You will experience, learn & take away –

• Gaining a deep inner knowing of your genius & how you are meant to serve humanity with it
• Being seen, validated & witnessed by people who know your truest self, and who will only see possibility and resourcefulness to help you build your dreams
• Learning to operate and communicate from love rather than fear
• Learning to trust & listen to your heart & intuition
• Being held accountable for what you say you want with love & nurturing support
• Being coached and given feedback when you feel stuck
• Receiving invaluable connections & resources to help bring your vision to life
• Expanding your voice & platform in a safe space offering thoughtful reflection & feedback
• Learning to see your work unfold as a process designed to serve your personal & spiritual growth
• Feeling supported through the challenges, mistakes & breakdowns inevitable in seeing through an extraordinary vision
• Celebrating the little & large victories with people who intimately know the depths & courage of your journey
• Sharing your wisdom, love & support with your fellow visionaries, because giving also feels so good!

This offering is only available for individuals who have already identified their genius and purposeful work. Genius circles meet in person. Each gathering is limited to 6 spots. You are welcome to attend one or several sessions.

Spring Sessions:
Tues May 6th l 8 am – 10 am CST
Mon May 19th l 6 pm – 8 pm CST
Wed June 4th l 2pm – 4pm CST  **virtual session l dial in from anywhere! **
Sat June 28th l 12 pm – 2 pm CT **virtual session l dial in from anywhere! **

Summer Sessions:
Please email gina@ginamarotta.com if you’d like to be alerted when the next round of dates are announced

My home office, 253 E. Delaware, Unit 16E or rooftop (weather-dependent)
I am on the lookout for cozy spaces that also have a sacred vibe for future events. Ideas welcome!

$85 per session