The genius of being a highly sensitive person

Many of my clients are highly sensitive people. Because sensitivity has received a bad rap, I coach my clients quite a bit about the genius that this quality indicates and how to use that for good and also how to navigate the challenges.

Being highly sensitive – first and foremost – tells me that you are highly intuitive, psychic, and can read the energy vibes around you like nobody’s business. This means, you don’t miss a beat. You always see the truth of what’s happening, often when others don’t. You can be very empathetic and understanding, which makes you an incredible friend and healer. And, this trait also indicates you hold great potential to be one of the emerging leaders toward creating a more loving and tolerant world.

To live up to your full potential, you also want to be honest about and deal with the challenges of being highly sensitive. Here are some of the issues you face:
Issue 1: You can easily absorb others’ negative energy which causes you to feel bad.
Issue 2: You experience difficult emotions 10 times more intensely than other.
Issue 3: People have probably told you all your life that you are “too sensitive” and to “toughen up,” so you often feel insecure about your sensitivity, like something is wrong with you. (Nothing is wrong with you!)

As a highly sensitive person, you need some tools to deal with these challenges.  Check out this video containing 12 practices that can make a big difference. While they may sound like self care for anyone, they are essential for a highly sensitive person
to allow the genius of this trait to flourish.

Here are a few more resources for highly sensitive people: “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World” by Ted Zeff PhD, “16 Habits of Highly Sensitive People” on HuffPo, and “25 habits of Highly Sensitive People” on Lifehack.

Questions about this area of genius? Message me.


Injustice incites genius. Are you feeling the call?

Out of tragic events come movements. People banding together. People advocating change.

When you feel particularly angered by an issue in the news or that has touched you personally, this is a time to check in with yourself. Take inventory and ask:


The world is in need of all kinds of genius to cure societal ills like gun violence, hate crimes, sexual assault, and war. We need more advocates, teachers, storytellers, and organizers.  Are you feeling called?

Here is a prayer & meditation I recorded for those of you who are.

We need your leadership. Hallelujah!

Enter Your Career Fun Zone with a Musical Meditation

Do you want to work all day or pLaY?

Some people say they don’t want to turn their hobbies into their career because then what was once fun would feel like work.

Huh? Seriously. What?

I have found that life is WAAAAYYYYYY more fun, amazeballs, (insert your fav adjective here) when you spend your time doing what you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid. In my study of genius, I also see a clear connection that what you want to do just because you love it is also what you are best at doing.

So, if your professional life feels like “work” vs “play,” tune into this fun musical meditation I co-created with Sound Healer & Mantra Artist Jennifer Alexander. Let this open your heart & mind to an aspect of your genius that will cause epic fun when you bring it into your career. Warning: awesomeness lies ahead.



Be like Jim. Live your career dreams thru your genius

Want to start a business? Run for political office? Become a famous actor? 

Some dreams are so big they appear damn near impossible, especially at the beginning. But anything is possible if you first believe. Then allow time, and keep taking inspired actions.

And then there are secrets – magic, if you will – that really catalyze a dream with great velocity. In this video, Jim Carrey reveals his secret to creating his first $10 million payday.

You might say, “yeah Gina, easy for Jim Carrey! He’s a comedic genius!” Whelp, that is true. So I ask you, “what is your genius?” Everyone has genius & tremendous potential, just like Jim.

If you don’t know what your genius is yet, that simply means it is locked up inside of you, and needs to be set free!  I’ve got two solutions for you:

1. Check out this prayer I recorded for you to receive clues around your genius.
2. Join me next Tues at my new class: How to Unlock Your Genius & Love Your Career.

And bonus #3!!! We’ll conclude with a poem I wrote for you:

There are no more excuses, if you don’t want there to be. 
If it’s in your heart, set your genius free!

My #1 Most Recommended Ted Talk to Clients

My clients are up to big things! Leading companies, managing high-stakes clients, inventing new products and systems, and dealing with the occasional asshole with kindness and compassion.

Internally, they are up to big things too! Hearing their soul’s calling, confronting fears, taking leaps of faith, and learning to do all of this free from panic.

So, I like to keep my clients inspired. You know, remind them that everything is going to be ok. For this, I often share quick & powerful inspirational talks via Ted.Com and other resources.

And I have a #1 favorite talk I recommend by a man who followed his genius and offers some amazing words of wisdom to help you follow yours. Check it out here …


See this published on HERE.

5 Steps to Set Your Top Career Priorities

To experience the career you most desire, you must first get clear on and set goals around what you want. To support you, I’m sharing my 5-part process for setting career priorities. This process provides steps to ensure that the priorities you set are ripe and ready to be acted upon now, and you don’t waste time in areas that are good ideas but not really ready for your attention just yet.

You can engage in this process any time you feel overwhelmed, unclear, or need a fresh start. The most ideal time is the beginning of a new year or new season – like Spring right now – because the natural rhythms of the Earth are making shifts in creation as well.

Wanna give a whirl to feeling more focused and clear this Spring? Here are the 5 Steps:


Look back to the prior 3 months and identify what interfered with your confidence, your ability to complete what you set out to accomplish, and your feelings of inner peace. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What toxic substances are causing tiredness or other negative symptoms?
    (examples: alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, gluten)
  • What toxic behaviors exist in my relationships that are dragging me down?
    (examples: tolerating criticism, compromising your needs/desires to please someone else, comparing yourself to others and suffering from jealousy or feeling not good enough)
  • What negative habits are stopping me from achieving what I most desire?
    (examples: procrastination, playing small, perfectionism)



Without the pressure of making any commitment just yet, daydream about what you would LOVE to spend your time doing in your career. Here’s a structure that helps open your heart and mind:

  • Start with 5 years out – what would be the awesomest 3 possibilities?
  • Next look at 1 year out – what would be the awesomest 3 possibilities, aligned with goals you have set for this year?
  • Then look at what you could do this Spring – what would be the awesomest 10 possibilities?



You have free will and the power to create your life, yes. But you do not create alone! You have a soul purpose and path and genius that is within you meant to be used to serve the world. So you can pray to God, the universe, your angels, a cherished deity – whoever you believe in – to show you your destiny and the best way to begin your journey. Here is simple prayer for this purpose:




While prayer involves asking for what you need, meditation creates the opportunity for you to receive the answers. Time in silence and stillness allows you to connect to the guidance that comes through your inner wisdom. As you meditate, you may receive words, images, symbols or feelings that show you what to do.

Here’s a 9-minute guided meditation to open to receive your inner wisdom:



After completing all the above steps, let your feelings guide you to the best priorities. You may know right away, or you may take a week or two to feel fully clear. Of all that has come up, you can prioritize by asking yourself:

  • What top 3 priorities feel most aligned this season (from Step 3 and 4)?
  • What is 1 area that I will spend this season cleaning out (from Step 1)?

With this, you have your 4 top priorities: 3 areas to create and one area to release. Narrowing down to this small, digestible number of 4 reduces your feelings of overwhelm and optimizes your ability to focus. Choosing only 4 priorities doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else that feels important to you. It means that the 4 areas you choose are your first priorities to tend to above all else, before any other shiny new objects grab your attention or before you commit to engage in projects with others. With this focus, you are empowered to make your career dreams come true!



If you don’t know what you want next in your career or your desires feel out of reach, don’t worry! Read about my career-support programs here and either sign up now or message me to set up a 30 minute introductory call to explore how I can help you. The Genius Guru is in!

Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday with a game & $100 perk!

Today, 3.14, is Albert Einstein’s birthday! We all know him as a genius.

In his honor, I’ve created a fun social media game designed to:
– spread awareness that we all have genius,
– provide players with insight about their genius, and
– offer players a $100 discount to my 3 Session Genius Kickstart!

Check out this video to learn how it works!

To kickstart your genius with your $100 perk:

In Al’s honor, I’m making a super-special offer for anyone who plays the game. You will receive $100 off my 3 Session Genius Kickstart program if you sign up by this Friday! More info HERE!

To play the game on Facebook:

Using the template below, make a Facebook post that shares the 3 things you learned about YOUR genius from this video, ask others to do the same, and tag me. Here’s the template using my 3 answers to the genius questions:

For Albert Einstein’s Birthday I’m collaborating with The Genius Guru, Gina Marotta, to celebrate & kickstart genius! My genius includes: being a radio show host, creating accountability structures, and telling stories to inspire others. What’s yours? Play the game & find out here: Then, go here for more info: #geniuskickstart #thegeniusguru

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the areas of genius that came up for you in the game, that’s OK!  And, that is actually to be expected if the areas of your genius that came up in the game are new areas you are beginning to explore and nurture that still feel vulnerable & uncertain to you. As Marianne Williamson says, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Opening your genius can feel uncomfortable & that is exactly WHY I do what I do. If this is the case, feel free to join the game and spread the word about genius by making an alternative post like:

I’m celebrating Albert Einstein’s birthday by sharing a game invented by The Genius Guru, Gina Marotta to kickstart genius! What’s your genius? Play the game & find out here: Then, go here for a special offer: ‪#‎geniuskickstart‬ ‪#‎thegeniusguru‬

In your post, please tag me on both my Facebook pages: The Genius Guru and Gina Marotta. I’d love to witness what you learned about your genius!

A meditation to save you from hours of self-doubt & worry

#1 reason to meditate:
Receive genius messages from your inner wisdom!

People often skip meditation saying: “I don’t have time!”
Hey, guilty over here too.
But this excuse is a trick of the mind. The Truth is: meditation saves time!

During meditation, you connect to a deeper part of yourself: your inner wisdom.
From this connection, you receive messages about what actions will most support your desires, dreams & the unfolding of your genius.

The messages either come during the meditation itself, or they come later as a result of your time in stillness. So although it seems like you’re doing nothing, meditation can be THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your day!

In support of your genius unfolding, I’ve recorded a meditation to help you:
(1) cleanse away negative energy from others, and
(2) re-establish trust with your inner wisdom!

These few minutes will save you hours & hours of unnecessary doubt, confusion & worry. Just imagine all the joy you can have with the extra time! Wahoo!
Listen in HERE…

A prayer to notice signs of your genius

Prayer is a powerful tool.
It is your way to communicate with the universe, God,  
your angels, or whatever divine energy you believe in –
to ask for what you desire.
It is said that divine beings like to be asked!

So I’ve got a special gift for you: 
a 2-minute prayer I recorded to assist you in connecting more deeply
with your inner wisdom and divine guides 
for the purpose of receiving signs about your mission, your genius,
and where you are meant to focus your energy.

I find prayers like these are absolute magic! Abracadabra! 

Listen in HERE…