Warning! Your survival instincts hate your genius

Your genius speaks to you through your most awesome & visionary ideas. It goes like this:

You see a problem and realize a solution, or
You see a need and recognize how to fill it, or
You see how badly others are trying to handle something and you see a better way.

You know an awesome & visionary idea comes from your genius (rather than just being an awesome idea you happened to receive) if two additional factors are present:
(1) you know it would be totally fun to spend your time on it, and
(2) you notice the idea speaks to your most apparent natural talents.

So, the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is: why wouldn’t you pursue a genius idea?

One of the top reasons people don’t pursue their genius is because their survival instincts have moved into the driver’s seat of their professional lives.

A genius idea – by it’s very nature – involves risk & expanding out of your comfort zone.
To bring it to life, you’ll be asked to be yourself, yes, but grow 10 levels along the journey.

Your survival instincts – ONLY concerned with comfort, safety, certainty &
not making mistakes or looking foolish in any way – HATE this kind of risk & change!

So just as quickly as a genius idea comes to you,
your survival instinct chimes in to do what haters do:
tell you everything WRONG with your idea or with you being the person to pursue it.

Haters gonna hate!

Look out! Fear of criticism is a major genius killer

One of the biggest reasons our genius hides from us is fear of criticism.
We are afraid of what others will think of us if we show who we really are,
how we really feel, and what we really believe.

This is natural. Our genius includes our most vulnerable parts.
It’s who we are at our core.
It’s our specialized wisdom and magic that some people may not understand
and some may judge as outright crazy or wrong.

If you’ve struggled with critics in your life –
a critical parent, a harsh sibling, a bullying boss, a disapproving spouse –
chances are you’ve developed great skills to AVOID criticism.

And so now you have a habit of WITHHOLDING your ideas, your preferences, and
who you really are. It’s safe that way, right? Keep a lid on it and no one can criticize you!

Problem is, if you’re now wanting to know what your genius is, what you most desire
and love to do in the world – you’re hiding even from yourself!

So what can you do?
Every healing always begins with AWARENESS.
You can’t fix something unless you know it’s broken.

So your first step is to NOTICE:

Do you have a hard time in your daily life making decisions or
knowing or sharing your preferences?
Do you tell other people they can choose for you?

If yes, this is a sign you don’t give yourself permission to do what
you really desire and be who you really are.

This isn’t BAD or WRONG – so don’t get all judgy on yourself!
This is simply your smart critic-repellant strategy that has worked for you for a long time,
but now is getting in your way.

And after you begin to notice for awhile that you are not allowing yourself
to have your preferences – you take the second step and begin to ask yourself:

What do I really want?

Do I want the English Muffin or the Bagel?
Do I want to go to a different restaurant altogether?
Do I want my best friend to cook me her special dish?
If I could open this up to my wildest desires, what would they be?

You DO have preferences.
You’ve simply been afraid to express them.

And so by doing this practice in your life of asking yourself what you want
with the little things, you begin to open up the permission
to be who you are and want what you want.

And surprise, surprise! With a little time, this becomes your new normal.
You begin to accept and embrace who you are, and your genius begins to see
that it’s safe to come out and show itself to you!

It’s genius, really. 😉

Surprise twist! When you’re annoyed, you can see your genius

You know those super annoying moments.
You’re with someone & they don’t get it.
They are doing the totally wrong thing, but don’t see it.
And you’re like “hmph, this idiot!” or “WTF, this a$$hole!”

These are magical insight moments into your genius.

Here’s what I mean…
Your genius isn’t second nature; it’s your first nature.
It’s what you know really, really, really well. Instinctually & from experience.
Problem is, you think everyone knows what you know. But they don’t.
Duh. That’s because this is YOUR genius.

Turn it around to really get what I’m saying.
Imagine you are hanging out with Albert Einstein.
He’s talking all about the theory of relativity. Blah blah blah blah blah…
You don’t get it. You can’t keep up. And he’s super annoyed.
Duh. This is HIS genius.

So next time you’re annoyed, check yourself. Your genius is at play!

This is how you make a better world

Ok so THIS is how you make a better world:

Something is totally broke –
Like animals in cages, living awful lives, greenhouse gases poisoning our air.
And rather than be in denial or complaining

You INVENT something better.

Then the old way becomes obsolete.
Love wins! Genius. Bam.