My most recommended Ted talk for new business ideas

If you desire to be free professionally and express your deepest creative genius, it may be in your cards to launch your own business. You may even be the type to launch several business ideas over your lifetime.  Creating a new business concept is kinda like dating. You and your idea have to to get to know each other. As a way to help my clients get better acquainted with any of their new business ideas, my most recommended Ted talk is Simon Sinek’s, which is ranked 3rd most popular of all time.

These days, I’m talking about this Ted talk every day in connection with my new Launch in 30 program. This is a program to help individuals with great business ideas get the ideas out of their hearts and out into the world in as little as 30 days.

Simon’s talk is so great to help launch a new business idea because he provides a structure to really get to know your concept. He talks about identifying the why, the how, and the what – which he refers to as “The Golden Circle.”  The why is the big purpose of your business or the reason you even exist, which Simon describes as the most important element. He says it is through sharing clearly your why that you will attract the right customers: those who also believe what you believe.  The how of your business, Simon says, is what makes your business special over others in the same marketplace. It’s what I talk about as your genius. And the what is simply the product or service you’re currently offering. The what may change over time.

Fear and doubt come with the territory of starting anything new, and launching a new business concept is no exception. Simon’s talk is a god-send for anyone looking to gain more courage and confidence in a new business idea.  Identifying the why, how, and what your idea totally changes the game. I’ve seen entrepreneurs who sensed they might have a good idea shift very quickly into confident crusaders of something big and purposeful by doing this golden circle exercise. Their deeper sense of purpose and unique genius quickly inspires action and calls upon grace to catalyze success. It’s quite amazing to witness such transformations!

To get more in the know of what all this excitement is about, check out my most recommended Ted talk to launch new business ideas here:

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