Motivational Talks

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For businesses, entrepreneurial groups & professional conferences…

Practicing MagicImage_Derm2015_01 - Version 2
How to consciously & consistently achieve kickass results in business
(A collaboration with Reality TV Show Expert & Winner Dawn Jackson Blatner)

The modern professional tackles big goals on a daily basis under high demands, stakes & pressure. Over time, this leads to diminished performance & burnout. This talk offers tools for maintaining high performance in a sustainable (and joyful!) manner over time. I preach & teach about genius & intuition as essential tools, while my sidekick & fellow magic-maker Dawn Jackson Blatner instructs & enlightens about the power of super foods & generating positive, fun energy as key ingredients to achieve exceptional results. Not only will this talk be useful, it will be one of the most vibrant & impactful moments of the year for your audience who will remember you most fondly for the experience!

For professional groups & others interested in happy living …

IMG_0740 - Version 3Working on Purpose
How to bring meaning to your life from 9 – 5

Many professionals today seek fulfillment from their work and so are quietly taking pause & secretly exploring how to create a more joyful & meaningful career. This talk directly addresses the dissatisfaction permeating the modern workforce & presents discovering one’s own genius as the pathway to joy, along with tuning into one’s own intuition & higher purpose as the foremost career navigation tools. As someone who has uncovered her own genius, paved her most passionate career path & guided many clients to do the same, I provide big-picture wisdom & practical down-to-earth advice to steer your group toward their happiest & most fulfilling careers. Your audience will be forever grateful that you offered solutions to the issues on their mind but that no one was openly talking about!

For college students & commencement events …

Finding Your Genius
How to select your course of study & career path with confidenceImage_WithGirls

The toughest questions college students face are: What will be my career path & corresponding area of study? Uncertainty in these areas can cause: anxiety, poor performance, extra time in school, increased tuition costs & frustration with one’s school for not clearly guiding the way. This talk empowers your students to uncover their own inner genius, natural talents & the area of work most calling to them so they may confidently choose their course of study & career path. As someone who was once an ambitious yet confused college student myself, I provide an empathetic perspective toward what your students face today. And, as someone who found my own genius through career trial & error and now counsels adults who feel stuck in the wrong career track, I provide practical tools for what your students will face in the future. Your students will leave this talk feeling confident & equipped to make decisions, so together we set them in motion toward their happiest career, highest potential & toward becoming your most distinguished & grateful alum!