Not yet doing work you love? This tip’s for you!

If you’re not yet doing work you love…

Create time to pursue activities that feel fun to you. You just never know, they might lead to your future dream career. This actually happened to me!

When I was a lawyer feeling very unclear about what I wanted to do with the rest of my career, I began to “play” in activities that I was curious about.

A few examples:

I was curious about charity work … so I organized a fundraiser for a nonprofit helping teens in low income communities. I was curious about gathering like-minded professional women … so I started a monthly networking club. I was curious about creating meaningful events … so I designed, produced & ran a seminar for women.

What seemed like random curiosities all added up my next dream job!

As fate would have it, I ended up leaving the legal industry to become the founding Managing Director of Step Up Women’s Network. This organization held events and created programs to empower women professionals and teen girls in low income communities. It’s like all that “playtime” prepared me for a job I didn’t even know to look for.

Ok, your turn: What are you curious about & where would you love to play?


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