What Clients Are Saying…

Gina Marotta single handedly changed my life. I still say it was she who empowered me to give myself permission to Simply Be.

When I first came to Gina, I was stuck in a business that I had built. Because I built it from the ground up, I believed my business was me and I was it. At the same time, I was terribly unhappy and I couldn’t articulate why. Gina shined light on the person I had grown to become. She helped me, over time, slowly and gently identify that my work no longer aligned with the person I had grown to become…and that it was okay to feel that unaligned and therefore ready for a change. With Gina’s guidance, I was able to finally understand that, after six years, my business was not me and I was not it. It was something I created, and if I wanted to go on and do something else, I could. She empowered me not only as a woman, but as an entrepreneur. She gave me confidence. She encouraged humility. She fostered courage. She opened my heart and my eyes to my truth. All with a her one-of-a-kind grounded, spiritual, bad-ass touch.

I chose to do Gina’s 6-month program and to be honest, that kind of commitment scared me at first. I was frightened to face my demons, to uncover my truth and to truly unveil what has making me so unhappy. But I wanted someone to keep me accountable while nurturing in the light and helping me release the dark.  I am so glad I made that commitment to Gina. She made that commitment to me, every single day. It’s a true relationship with Gina, not just a work-for-hire. She truly cares. She checks-in. She makes you feel seen and supported, even when you’re not inside her sessions.  She embodies the word “coach.” She became my #1 fan, my cheerleader, my safe place, my haven of secrets and best of all, my friend.

Without Gina, I don’t know where I would be. I truly don’t. She has been one of my career’s best investments and my life’s greatest blessings.

Jessica Zweig
Founder, The SimplyBe Agency
Host, SimplyBe TV
Co-Founder, CheekyChicago.com
Workshop leader, Writer, and all around curator of rad content

Gina Marotta has been my Happiness Coach and Spiritual Guide for over a year professionally. She is so tuned into who I really am.

What makes Gina so authentic is the fact that she is working on herself as she works with you and relates stories from her spiritual journey and awareness that adds such value to my own growth

What I find so compelling about Gina is that she has such intuitive Social Intelligence by never having a set agenda as to what we will talk about and it just simply evolves into what ALWAYS turns into a meaningful conversation where I ALWAYS walk away feeling so much better and enlightened.

Gina has a contagious demeanor that I find myself feeling happy just by being in her presence; she has given me a safe space to explore things about myself that I probably would never explore without her guidance.

I believe that I am evolving into the best person I can be with Gina’s guidance and love. She has taught me first and foremost to work through my heart.

She truly rocks my world!!!

Audrey Gordon
Founder, A-G Parties
Event Planner, Coach, Mentor

Gina Marotta is an amazing coach. She helped me recognize what is unique about me so I could more easily share it with the world. She also provided huge amounts of validation that what I am up to is important and needed, and continues to support me even after our coaching agreement has come to an end. I am thrilled to have this incredible woman on my side as I own my genius.

Tracy Maxwell
Healing Coach/Speaker
Author of: Being Single With Cancer

About Gina’s Full Moon Circles

Let me summarize Gina’s Moon Circles in one word: Magical. The inspirational stories, lessons, songs, and activities Gina brings to the circle help me tune-in to my dreams & find clarity. These circles give me positive space & community support to have ‘ah-ha’ moments & set meaningful intentions for the month. I don’t come in with an agenda, but I always leave inspired. It’s like a spirit boost for my life & work goals. Results: After a Full Moon Circle, I am 100% more focused, creative and inspired throughout the month.

Dawn Jackson Blatner
Author & Dietician Nutritionist

The moon circles Gina crafts provide an warm and welcoming environment to practice self love, in the company of other amazing people. They are a time to pause from the crazy lives we lead, to check in with ourselves, to heal, to overcome, to be energized. I leave every circle a better, happier person – full of love and passion. Gina has this beautiful way of bringing people together and helping us realize that we are all empowered and capable, just as we are.

Steph Worth
Not your typical tax accountant – shining brightly and authentically in her public accounting work and everyday life