Audio Class: Spiritual Career Planning 101

The Spring Equinox, as occurred this week, symbolizes the close of winter darkness and the return of more light on our planet and inside of us. The turning of a season is a powerful time energetically to clarify our career desires and declare what we’d like to manifest over the next several months. Simply put, it’s a great time for career planning!

Let us begin with the law-of-attraction formula for creating anything:

  1. Ask for what you want – This step is about deeply listening to yourself to decide what you most desire and then sending your request out to the universe, God, or whatever you call your co-creating higher power. Basically, you seal your desires in yourself, then either say them out loud or write them down.
  2. Believe you can have what you want and allow it to come – At first blush, it may appear passive to take a step to “believe” or “allow,” however, this step requires much individual focus and work toward removing blocks within ourselves to our desires. This step is important because we can’t receive what we say we want if we suppress or de-prioritize our desires or otherwise act like we don’t really want them.
  3. Take inspired action – This step involves listening to your intuition to discover what action is yours to take in co-creating with universal forces. Taking symbolic action or action that moves forward your desires helps establish your commitment and creates momentum.

Now that you’re refreshed on the 3 overarching steps, to support you in your career planning process, I’m providing you with the template I use for myself and my clients in seasonal career planning. And, I’ve also created a 12-minute audio class to guide you to make your most powerful plan.

Download your career plan template here: Career_Planning_Worksheet

Then, access the audio class by tuning in here:


And, a couple more tips you might consider…

If you’re not yet clear around your goals, consider listening to sacred mantras (like the one in the audio course) with Jennifer Alexander. Her music is magical for opening your heart, clearing your mind, and accessing inner wisdom. You can connect with Jennifer on her Facebook page or purchase her latest album Gracias Madre on iTunes.

Also, if you sense a career shift may be happening for you or if you are feeling blocked from moving toward your desires, consider my 3 session Genius Jumpstart program to receive one-on-one, customized spiritual and strategic career guidance. Learn more about that HERE.

Finally, we’ll close with a blessing …

Sending you this spiritual wisdom and these spiritual tools with a prayer … may the information transmitted to you here be of service to bringing out your genius and bringing into reality your most joyful and creative career expressions. Blessed be. Amen.