Genius tool: Angel Card Readings

Last week I was interviewed for the new YouTube Series 7 in a 750 hosted by Oh Elisabeth. During the interview, I shared about one of my most fun & popular tools for working with clients to bring forth their genius: angel card readings. In the episode, I do a live reading for the audience. So guess what that means? Watch the episode with your personal question in mind, and you’ll receive guidance in this reading from your angels!

What is an angel card reading?
Oracle card decks are a tool to receive guidance about creating our best future. Reading of oracle cards was an ancient practice for tuning into divine wisdom coupled with our own inner wisdom. And in modern spirituality, oracle cards are making a big comeback! I use cards as a regular practice with my clients as a loving & supportive tool. One of my favorite oracle decks – and great for beginners to oracle cards – is Doreen Virtue’s angel card deck, which allows us to receive guidance from our angels.

What is 7 in a 750?
A personal driver for luxury experiences in a BMW 750i, Elisabeth Oh features 7 minute interviews with interesting Chicago figures as she takes them on a ride. Think Taxi Cab Confessions but in a high end vehicle and inspirational! The show is her genius emerging currently published on Youtube, so be sure to subscribe and follow her at:

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A Meditation to Awaken Divine Purpose

Wanting to connect with your inner genius and be of service to the world? Enjoy this meditation to awaken your divine purpose! Here are 8 minutes of me guiding you to disconnect from the demands of our busy modern world and to tune into your inner Truth.


Audio Class: Spiritual Career Planning 101

The Spring Equinox, as occurred this week, symbolizes the close of winter darkness and the return of more light on our planet and inside of us. The turning of a season is a powerful time energetically to clarify our career desires and declare what we’d like to manifest over the next several months. Simply put, it’s a great time for career planning!

Let us begin with the law-of-attraction formula for creating anything:

  1. Ask for what you want – This step is about deeply listening to yourself to decide what you most desire and then sending your request out to the universe, God, or whatever you call your co-creating higher power. Basically, you seal your desires in yourself, then either say them out loud or write them down.
  2. Believe you can have what you want and allow it to come – At first blush, it may appear passive to take a step to “believe” or “allow,” however, this step requires much individual focus and work toward removing blocks within ourselves to our desires. This step is important because we can’t receive what we say we want if we suppress or de-prioritize our desires or otherwise act like we don’t really want them.
  3. Take inspired action – This step involves listening to your intuition to discover what action is yours to take in co-creating with universal forces. Taking symbolic action or action that moves forward your desires helps establish your commitment and creates momentum.

Now that you’re refreshed on the 3 overarching steps, to support you in your career planning process, I’m providing you with the template I use for myself and my clients in seasonal career planning. And, I’ve also created a 12-minute audio class to guide you to make your most powerful plan.

Download your career plan template here: Career_Planning_Worksheet

Then, access the audio class by tuning in here:


And, a couple more tips you might consider…

If you’re not yet clear around your goals, consider listening to sacred mantras (like the one in the audio course) with Jennifer Alexander. Her music is magical for opening your heart, clearing your mind, and accessing inner wisdom. You can connect with Jennifer on her Facebook page or purchase her latest album Gracias Madre on iTunes.

Also, if you sense a career shift may be happening for you or if you are feeling blocked from moving toward your desires, consider my 3 session Genius Jumpstart program to receive one-on-one, customized spiritual and strategic career guidance. Learn more about that HERE.

Finally, we’ll close with a blessing …

Sending you this spiritual wisdom and these spiritual tools with a prayer … may the information transmitted to you here be of service to bringing out your genius and bringing into reality your most joyful and creative career expressions. Blessed be. Amen.

Feminine energy in business evokes genius

Our society labels certain behaviors in terms of gender. Driving motorcycles is manly, while taking ballet classes is womanly. But what really is the difference between masculine and feminine? We can distinguish the two as types of energy. And both are essential to the living out of our genius. However, we often miss the importance of feminine energy in business. This is because masculine energy has typically been more valued in our professional lives. So let’s explore these energies and why feminine energy is essential to business and expanding our genius.

Masculine energy is direct, linear, logical, and action-oriented. It is non-emotional and focuses on getting the job done. Our masculine energy ensures that once we set a goal, we move toward it and achieve it. Feminine energy is dreamy, intuitive, spiritual and playful. It is the opposite of linear and involves following the flow of the moment, wherever it may take us. Our feminine energy ensures that we are creative and take care of the needs of the moment and the people around us.

One energy without the other is imbalanced. Too masculine and we reach our goal yet do so blazing through without regard to consequences of people and places affected by our ambition. Too feminine and we have fun and make friends with everyone yet don’t reach our goals. Our modern society – in the context of business – has clearly favored masculine energy over the past century with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, and this has had many positive results. We’ve achieved so much in terms of progress. Yet we can see in many aspects of business, we’ve missed the mark on taking care of people and places because we haven’t given our feminine energy its due.

What does it look like to be in our feminine energy? We are purely in the moment. An idea comes to us, and we don’t move into action. Instead, we move into playfulness and nurturing. We allow the idea to show itself to us and then we engage in a flow of intuitive insights and the happenings of the world around us to nurture the idea and let it grow and shift and expand. Ideas are best when given time to reveal their best potential through our feminine energy.

So in our feminine energy, it looks something like this:

  • we get an idea in the shower (being creative)
  • then maybe we offer up a prayer about the idea (being spiritual)
  • then maybe we take a walk and commune with nature (more being spiritual) and
  • then meet with a friend and talk about the idea or go engage in some fun activity (being playful) and
  • then maybe we take a drive and listen to music and the lyrics prompt an idea (being intuitive) and
  • then maybe we consider how this idea supports and impacts all the people touched by it (being nurturing)
  • then we get out our markers and draw images and write our ideas in a flow chart (being creative).

And with all this our idea is being nurtured and watered like the seed that it is meant to grow into as a flourishing part of our world.

Without this feminine energy, we get an idea – a spark – and immediately ask: “how do I make this happen?” And this is an error because in acting too soon – we don’t allow the idea to express its fullest potential. If we allow our feminine energy to flow and the idea to mature into a form that we intuitively feel is ready to be acted upon, then we engage our masculine energy effectively to get the job done!

So let us remember to give more love and attention to the power and importance of our feminine energy. This goes for both men and women, by the way. We each have both types of energy. For when we engage our feminine energy, we ensure that our best, most genius ideas are what we bring forth into our world.

Use the power of your emotions to create your best career

Our emotional state impacts our ability to create the careers we desire. This is because as humans we are made up of energy. And, our emotions generate energy that circulates in and around our bodies. When we experience positively charged emotions – like: love, joy, gratitude, and hopefulness – we draw to us that which we desire. And when we experience negatively charged emotions – like hatred, guilt, anger, and disappointment – we repel that which we desire.

Let’s back up a moment to prove what I just offered.

How negative emotions repel what we desire

Among our most negative emotional states is powerlessness and shame.  When we are in these lower feelings we are closed off and do not believe that what we desire for our careers is possible or that we deserve to realize those desires. In this emotional state, we cannot attract the promotion or new position we desire, nor can we bring in resources to help us achieve such desires. On the contrary, we attract to us more proof of the negative feelings we’re holding, like a big bill comes in the mail proving we have to stay stuck in the work we’re doing now. More things generally tend to go wrong when we’re in a powerless or shameful emotional state.

How positive emotions attract what we desire

Among our highest possible emotional states is gratitude or appreciation. Here, we feel good so we are open and receptive to notice and accept what we desire.  In this state, people come to us to support the new promotion or new job we seek. It seems effortless and easy.  We feel a high, connected to something beyond ourselves that is providing for us, and we feel worthy and deserving for what we are receiving. And in this high vibration state, more tends to go right.

We’ve all experienced both ends of the spectrum to know that what I’m offering is Truth. And, it is important to remember that there is more than these extreme two polarities. When it comes to our emotions, there is an entire scale of them.

One of my favorite, easy-to-follow tools to teach from about the art of creating our best, most desired careers is Abraham Hicks‘ Emotional Guidance Scale featured here:

This tool helps us see whether we are in an emotional state for creating what we desire, or if we are in an emotional state that is blocking our desire. This tool is also great because it helps us learn how to get unstuck – we simply “move up” the emotional scale. And so, we see that by using this tool, we have the power to create our best careers!

How to use the scale to attract what we desire

The scale guides us in creating our best careers by showing us the progression of feelings to get us closer to where we want to be. For example, if we find ourselves blazing with anger around a professional situation, we can move up to the less negative emotion of disappointment. And when we move to disappointment, we get closer to creating our desired outcome. Then we move up to pessimism, then to hopefulness, then to positive expectation, then to empowerment. And with each heightened state, we are allow our desires to connect with us.

Moving through these various emotional states is a healing process. And to move our emotional level upward, we engage whatever support we need, such as: a friend, a coach, a fav spiritual book, yoga, cardio exercise, tai chi, energy healing, or prayer. Sometimes we can shift quickly, and sometimes it is a slow process. Most important is to not judge ourselves harshly. We just keep putting our intentions and efforts toward moving onward and upward.




Want your team’s genius to flow? Ditch perfectionism.

As a society, we have created a perception of what it looks like to be a strong leader. She is perfectly poised, emotionless, and buttoned up. This is the face of perfectionism. If this is your leader, how does she make you feel day in and day out? What is the message she sends?

Well, for normal human beings she sends the message that the rest of us are inferior. This is because we expect that we should have it “all together” the ways she does. But no human who has emotions, desires, and challenges looks this way all the time. That’s ridiculous.

Normal human behavior is to feel a full range of emotions. Like, we lose a deal so we cry to release the pressure. Or, we say something stupid so feel embarrassed and seek counsel of a friend to talk it out. Or we receive criticism so we walk away, take a few deep breaths, and talk ourselves down with calming affirmations.

This is reality. We feel. We struggle. And we need to do things to recover. Yet, it seems we’ve made a collective agreement that perfect and perfectionism is the new normal.

What is the cost of this?

A person leading as if she is perfect can cause damage to herself and her team. She has lost connection with what it means to be human. And in her presence, others are harmed because they believe that they are not worthy or good enough to even be where they are unless they look perfect too. Creativity is stifled all around.

The Truth with a capital T (meaning spiritual truth) right now is this: Rather than this perfectionism, our workplaces right now need big doses of EMPATHY and COMPASSION and REALISM that it’s ok to make mistakes, feel difficult feelings, and struggle every so often. With freedom to be ourselves, our creative selves thrive. Then our genius and the genius of our teams can truly shine through.

A genius prerequisite: Self-Love

If you seek fulfillment in your work life, guess where focusing your love can most efficiently give you the results you desire? On YOU! Focusing your love on YOU. I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but self-love is a requirement to knowing and expressing your inner genius.

I’ll be honest here. I used to think self-love was a bunch of crap. Ten years ago I met a woman who would later become one of my greatest spiritual mentors, Christine Arylo, who is known as The Queen of Self Love. When I met Christine I was a super busy rising star executive in the nonprofit world with an insanely full schedule. As much as I respected and liked her and was into personal growth and development, I thought: “who has time for self love?” Then several years later, as I began coaching people professionally around creating the lives and careers they most desired, I was like: “dammit, self love is EVERYTHING.” And, I’ve since come to hear this from other master teachers like Louise Hay.

Creating self love takes time and patience. It involves a whole lot of compassion for where we’ve been wounded, where we feel shame, and where we have found it best to protect ourselves and put up walls. And beyond all that, as we heal, it is then that we can discover our greatest talents and our genius.

One of the reasons I explain to clients that it takes several months for us to uncover their genius is because we need to work on self love as their foundation. It can be no other way. We cannot uncover and share our genius with the world without loving ourselves first.

And then – when we do love ourselves – look out! When we can see our true nature and who we really are and know that we are awesome in our light and dark qualities, we then become FREE to share our deepest, heart centered talents with the world. And THAT is e v e r y t h i n g!

7 simple practices to reduce anxiety

As if the daily grind of our busy modern professional lives aren’t enough, right now we’re all coming down from a high stress election season and entering another season known for provoking pressure: the holidays. So, it’s prime time for us to consider picking up a couple new habits to reduce anxiety. Here are my top 7 simple practices …

1. Meditate

Although it seems like we are doing nothing, research shows that sitting in silence has positive effects on our brains.  Those who meditate report enhanced feelings of peacefulness and reduced anxiety levels.  You don’t even have to be good at meditation to experience positive results. As Nike says, just do it! If you’re new to this practice, check out my meditation intro video and starter kit HERE.


2. Hydrate

My friend & healthy living guru Dawn Jackson Blatner introduced me to the idea that when we feel off, one the first questions to ask is: “am I dehydrated?”  Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and we lose water throughout the day. Being dehydrated causes stress on the body which can show up like mental anxiety. I find that when I drink the recommended 2 liters per day, I’m overall happier and less stressed. Personally, I also found that I wasn’t attracted to drinking water until I switched to bottled water. It seems my body knew that Chicago water wasn’t right for me. And as an extra boost, you can upgrade your glass of water into green juice with spinach, a frozen banana, and a squeeze of lemon.


3. Listen to music filled with positive vibes

We are all energy. We are vibrating beings. Music is sound vibration. So, putting on your headphones and pouring positive sound vibrations into your body can change the very makeup of your cells from negative to positive. These good vibes can help connect you to your deeper sense of inner truth when you are otherwise feeling down or fearful. Here is a new release from spiritual music artist David Newman titled “Peace and Love” to add to your positivity playlist…

4. Move your body

Our bodies are meant to be active. Yet, as professionals today, we spend a lot of time stationary staring into our computer screens. Being sedentary can open the door to our darkest and most fearful thoughts which provoke worry and anxiety. Move your body to get rid of that bad juju! Get outside for a walk, go for a run, swim, jump on a trampoline, do yoga, rock a 4 minute tabata routine, or crank up some music and have a 5 minute dance party.

5. Read a passage from an inspirational book

To get our brains off of the fear grid and away from “stinkin thinkin,” we can proactively infuse our minds with positive brain food found in inspirational books. Check out a few of my go-to books to reduce anxiety HERE.


6. Enjoy a Salt Bath

Sometimes we catch negative energy from others just like we catch a cold. During the election season, I noticed this happening to me quite frequently as I ran into more fear than usual around my friends and in my social media feeds. There is a great way to clear away negative energy from our bodies: take a salt bath! Epsom salts are available at any local pharmacy for about $7 a bag. We can also up our game with floating, which is a practice to immerse into 1,000 lbs of healing salts in a sensory deprivation tank. Learn more about this practice and a special discount from my friends at Float Sixty Chicago HERE.


7. Be in nature

Many of us spend our days primarily indoors. Some of us live in big cities with lots of concrete and tall buildings. Some of us live in places where it gets super cold in the winter and we don’t even want to go outside. Trees, flowers, bodies of water, animals, fresh air … these are all natural healers. Our bodies were intended to soak up these elements as a way to heal itself and replenish from the stress of life. Especially in the busy modern world, we cannot do without the benefits of nature. When we feel the need to reduce anxiety, here are a few mood-boosting ways to enjoy nature: soak up some sunshine, hug a tree, sit in the grass, breathe in the ocean air, and even indoors – surround your desk with nourishing plants. Check out this funny video reminding us of the importance of spending time in nature…

It’s easy to think we don’t have time for these types of activities when we feel busy and stressed out. And because that mindset gives us no support whatsoever,  let us consider thinking the opposite. It’s quite logical actually, that when we incorporate one or several anxiety-reducing practices into our lives, we set ourselves up to win. Letting go of the negative energy and bringing in the positive, ultimately, we do everything better.

Curious about meditation? Enjoy this intro video & starter kit!

Meditation is medicine to experience peace, calm, and happiness amidst the craziness of our modern world. Yet, our fast-paced lifestyle may make meditation seem impossible. So I’m here to teach you meditation basics to make this practice fun, easy, and worth your while.

The benefits of meditation

Let’s start with exploring why you would even meditate in the first place. It can seem counter-productive to sit in stillness and do nothing, especially if you are super busy! You can find all kinds of benefits of meditation around health and improving your ability to focus. Here are the 3 reasons I find most powerful:

  1. Connecting with your authentic self: Whether you are asking bigger questions like “who am I?” or faced with daily questions around work, home, and relationships, meditation helps you be more in tune with what matters most to you. This helps you be more clear to make better life decisions.
  2. Connecting with your higher power: Meditation is a time to connect with your higher power and guides. It is said: prayer is to ask for what you desire and meditation is to receive the answers. In the stillness, you can hear your truth, see visions, or feel into whatever you need. Or, because you made time for stillness, answers to your questions may come during the course of your day.
  3. Feeling more peace and less stress: In meditation, you bring attention to your breathing. This alone creates a sense of calm and relief. With more practice in meditation, you feel more and more calm and experience less random thoughts running through your mind. This practice of letting go of your thoughts allows you to be more present and aware in your life, which reduces stress and creates a greater sense of peace.

Techniques for meditation

My original training in meditation was at the Zen Buddhist Center in Chicago. There, I learned a basic technique that I teach you in the video below. It’s great for beginners in meditation! Here are a few highlights:

  1. Sit on a pillow or meditation cushion with your back straight.
  2. Place your hands in your lap facing up or in gyan mudra.
  3. Close your eyes completely, close them 80%, or gaze at a candle flame.
  4. Take deep breaths, and count down on each exhale from 5 to 0.
  5. Set a timer for the amount of time you want to meditate.
  6. Bonus: start with a positive vibe by thinking of something you are grateful for and feeling gratitude in your heart.

Making a regular practice of meditation

Are you totally psyched to do this all the time? Meditation is most beneficial when you do it regularly. So set yourself up to win by committing to mediate at the same time every day. Morning is ideal to start your day centered, feeling peaceful, and feeling connected to yourself.

Begin with a commitment you can stick to – for real! When I started, I committed to 5 minutes every morning before I left the house. And it worked to form my new habit. Even if it meant running late, I could surely create 5 minutes to meditate.

Setting up your space for meditation

As a regular meditator, it’s awesome to create a sacred meditation space for yourself.  It might be as simple as a designating a favorite chair to your meditation practice, or as fancy as creating a meditation area furnished with a meditation pillow and altar. If you live with family or roommates and private space is hard to come by, don’t fret!  That gives you a chance to be creative! When I first started, I sat in my closet in front of a single candle. For me, the dark removed all distractions. And that’s really key. Go somewhere that you can be free from interruptions.

Your meditation supplies & starter kit

You don’t need any supplies whatsoever to meditate. You can do it anywhere, anytime – even in a bathroom stall. And that is great news! However, for regulars, sacred supplies can enhance the experience. Here are a few you might consider.

Cushion: Meditation cushions raise your hips, which keeps your back straight and maximizes comfort overall. Before you invest in a cushion, you can start with basic pillows at home from your couch or bed.

Candle: Lighting a candle is great to signify to your brain that this is sacred time for you. A candle is also great for your practice if you would like to use the technique of gazing into the flame as a point of focus during your meditation.

Incense & holder: Incense creates sacredness in your practice and smells wonderful. Among many scents, a standard favorite is called Nag Champa. When you light your incense, you might wave the smoke over your body as an energy clearing technique before you begin your meditation.

Altar: An altar is a table upon which you set your sacred objects and sit in front of to meditate. You can fill up your altar with goodies like: candles, inspirational quotes, photos, statues of spiritual deities, sacred symbols, written goals, and healing crystals.

To help you commit to your practice, I’ve created a meditation starter kit for you! Purchasing a few meditation goodies and setting up your very own meditation space gives you an extra boost to create dedicated time every day! To navigate the starter kit, simply click the links on any of the items you’re interested in to learn more about them, and add to your cart any you wish to purchase. Happy shopping!

Using meditation to connect more with your authentic self to forward your career dreams? Check out these other great ways I can help you…

Career Dreams Class: Nov 1, Dec 6 & Jan 3.

The 3 Session Genius Jumpstart – anytime, you schedule 3 sessions with me over 3 weeks.

Relieve doubt about your genius with a prayer

Want to serve others in a big way through your genius?

As enlivening as a big, purposeful career feels, it also rouses inner discomfort.
This road has twists and turns, ups and downs – all to help you shed away baggage
to release what you no longer need to be who you are most meant to become.

These challenges bring major self doubt –
perhaps as you watch someone else get ahead and you feel behind, or
perhaps as you try something new and it doesn’t take off the way you planned, or
perhaps as you procrastinate because you’re too afraid to really go for it.

If you’re craving a reprieve from feeling too unworthy, unprepared, or uncertain
to truly follow the big career calling in your heart, I’ve got a treat for you!

While sitting by the ocean this week, I video recorded a prayer for you,
to release the doubt and open to guidance toward your greatness.

Remember: those of us with the biggest connection to purpose, are often the ones most sensitive to the doubt. So know that it’s ok to feel it, just don’t get stuck there.