Be like Jim. Live your career dreams thru your genius

Want to start a business? Run for political office? Become a famous actor? 

Some dreams are so big they appear damn near impossible, especially at the beginning. But anything is possible if you first believe. Then allow time, and keep taking inspired actions.

And then there are secrets – magic, if you will – that really catalyze a dream with great velocity. In this video, Jim Carrey reveals his secret to creating his first $10 million payday.

You might say, “yeah Gina, easy for Jim Carrey! He’s a comedic genius!” Whelp, that is true. So I ask you, “what is your genius?” Everyone has genius & tremendous potential, just like Jim.

If you don’t know what your genius is yet, that simply means it is locked up inside of you, and needs to be set free!  I’ve got two solutions for you:

1. Check out this prayer I recorded for you to receive clues around your genius.
2. Join me next Tues at my new class: How to Unlock Your Genius & Love Your Career.

And bonus #3!!! We’ll conclude with a poem I wrote for you:

There are no more excuses, if you don’t want there to be. 
If it’s in your heart, set your genius free!