Reduce stress, boost your genius: Try floating!

I’m going to make a bold assertion here that undermines our culture of workaholicism. Being rested is essential to showing up at work as your most genius and creative self.  Yes, there it is, I said it. Being “busy” and “burning the midnight oil” over the long haul is working against you.  Chronic stress on your body and mind is detrimental for modern workers who are needed to be bright-eyed and fresh in our fast-paced world.  And while you might be nodding your head in agreement with what I’m saying, your inner skeptic is likely chiming in: “yeah sounds great, Gina, but I’m just not good at relaxing.” So, in today’s blog, I’m sharing my recent experience with a super cool relaxation method that you can test out to reduce stress and boost your genius. I’m talking about FLOATING!

My clients know I often recommend taking a bath in Epsom Salts (about 4 cups will do it!) as a relaxation tool to reduce stress. The practice of floating takes this to an EPIC level.  I first heard of floating on the Tim Ferriss podcast where he shared research that floating multiple times can have an impact on your body equivalent to 2 weeks of vacation. This was a lightbulb moment for me. I immediately knew some of my clients could use such a tool!

I got the nudge I needed to try out floating for myself when my publicist pal Daphne Ortiz let me know she was working with the company: Float Sixty. So you are probably waiting with bated breath to know: what is floating? At centers like Float Sixty, you soak in a small pool or tank filled with a solution of 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts. Compare that to my 4 cups! And because of the high concentration of salt, you literally “float” with no effort whatsoever. Think: Dead Sea.

So how was my experience?


I was walked by the attendant to a big private room that I had to myself to get settled in. She explained details like showering before and after, that I could go naked or in a bathing suit, and that I could enjoy the meditation room after my float. I followed most of her instructions, but forgot a few because I was so excited. So this meant I got in and out of the tank a few times before I was really ready to begin. But once it was on, it was on!

To add to the healing salts, the tank was also filled with healing turquoise light. I had plugged in a Deepak Chopra mediation from my i-Phone. And, for those 60 minutes, I was truly unplugged and relaxed. The experience was also a bit on the playful side. I thought it was so cool that I just floated in the water. So I bounced myself around the tank pushing my feet off the walls!

My mind and body truly were at rest in a way that I don’t normally experience. My neck, which is chronically stressed, felt at ease. There was zero effort of my body in the tank – just floating. And my mind let go of all worry. Perhaps that turquoise light had something to do with it!

It truly was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. I gained an even deeper appreciation for the importance of unplugging and resting. How wonderful that you can get a dose of that kind of rejuvenation in just sixty minutes!

Check out floating for yourself at a local float center in your area. If you’re in Chicago, you can enjoy your first float at Float Sixty for $50 (that is $10 off the usual first float price) or extend to a Three Float Pack for $160 (that is $65 off the usual price) when you enter the code: floatgenius.

I suggest you bring something to listen to while you float. At Float Sixty, you can plug in to play music or a meditation from your phone. Here’s the meditation series I tuned into during my float, which I highly recommend:

You can also reduce stress and connect with Float Sixty at the upcoming Chicago festival Relaxapalooza, happening on November 11 & 12.  Drop by and see me at the Relaxa-Healer’s station on Saturday from 2 – 4pm, where I’ll be offering oracle readings and intuitive guidance around your inner genius! And don’t forget, you can also connect with me for your own private oracle reading and coaching around uncovering your inner genius through my 3 Session Genius Jumpstart program.

Swimming in career success yet drowning in unfulfillment

For the many people who can relate to the situation I found myself in 10 years ago – swimming in career success, yet drowning in professional unfulfillment – here’s an excerpt from my recent interview with Donna Marie Post advising about the very early stage of beginning to create your most passionate and happy career 



Q. You were top of your class in law school, a “genius legal writer,” and you were working among some of Chicago’s most famous lawyers. Yet, you found yourself crying on your shower floor. What nuggets of advice would you share with someone who is facing a similar feeling in their current situation?

Great question! This is where a lot of people who come to see me are starting out. Here are a few basics:

(1). Listen to those feelings. Don’t push them down even though they are uncomfortable. They are showing you the Truth that what you are doing right now is not working.

(2). Find comfort in knowing that this is a blessing in disguise. Whatever is out of alignment and causing your discomfort right now is also leading you toward the life that is more authentic for who you are becoming. Hang in there! It will all make sense with time.

(3). Create time and safe space to tune into yourself for answers. You know what’s best for you. So the best thing you can do is find time and helpful methods to explore your big questions in ways that feel safe to you. This is a great time to start mediating or to increase the amount of time you meditate. And remember, this will take time.

(4). Get support. It is very big question to ask: “Who am I and what do I want to do with my life?” So don’t do it alone! Encircle yourself with people you trust to be loving and supportive and to help you find your answers. This may be a great time also to hire a coach or take a class that provides you guidance around a process for your journey and also to be around others who can inspire you and remind you that you are not crazy but instead on to something awesome!

Want more lessons & tips from my story? Check out my FULL INTERVIEW (including photos from my journey) HERE!

Also, if you feel like you’ve got a passion career inside of you but don’t know what it is, check out my class: Unlock Your Genius. The next date is Tues. Aug 2. Learn more HERE.

Open your career joy with a song: The Career Freedom Anthem

If you’re going back to work this July 5th feeling less than free, you’re not alone!
52% of American workers are unsatisfied at work, and 7 out of 10 are not fully engaged.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Join the 30% of Americans who dare to love their work!
You can start right now by simply ASKING for what you want.

Once you embrace your desires, rather than deny them, and claim you will create career joy, you begin to receive clues about how to make your desires happen. It’s like magic!

So here’s a little diddy – a career freedom anthem if you will – to open & inspire your career joy. And yes, it’s sung by yours truly.

Enjoy the world premier of my first ever music video here.
May the lyrics serve as a blessing that opens your career joy & freedom …

Suffering from career boredom? Here’s your cure!

Many professionals suffer from legit boredom. They may be busy with an overwhelming number of tasks, yet none are very interesting or stimulating.

Here’s how this boring trend emerges: Professionals – like doctors, lawyers, and business persons – are excessively trained in linear thinking; and so they view their career and most of what they do with a linear lens.

Linear meaning: step A + step B must = desired result C. There is low tolerance for unpredictable twists & turns or anything that could look like a failure. Only carefully calculated action is followed when the path is obvious, clear & perfect, and when success is nearly guaranteed.

This means many professionals become extremely risk-adverse. They deeply fear following a creative idea or passion project because they don’t know: if it will work out, how it will work out, and when they will see results. As you might guess, this kills genius ideas before they even get started. And it makes for a super dull professional life.

There is a cure for this cycle of boringness that business professionals need to know about! It’s what I call “entrepreneur magic.” And so if you or a loved one is seeking more career excitement, you can read more about this important topic here…


What is “entrepreneur magic?” It refers to what entrepreneurs seem to know that other professionals have forgotten. Entrepreneurs believe in their ideas first, and then they believe in the creative forces of the universe that
want to and do bring genius ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs recognize that creative ideas and dreams, by their very nature, are risky, unreasonable & buck conventional thinking and ways of doing things. With a new creative idea or dream, entrepreneurs know that it is normal to have no idea
how to bring the idea to life, and they know you’re not supposed to!

Entrepreneurs know that you must sit with a new idea for awhile, in silence. And that you also must talk to others about it – a lot – to let the idea show itself to you more. And then, when you feel the call, you take inspired action. You test out the idea in fun ways.

And this is essential: Entrepreneurs know that in testing an idea, mistakes are common. They know that when you get something wrong, that doesn’t mean stop. It simply means you are getting closer to getting it right!

So, what entrepreneurs know is that your most important job is to stay with an idea, keep believing in it, developing it, and refining it based on trial and error. They know to simply listen to inner wisdom, which will show you each step to take.

Entrepreneurs know that inner wisdom is tied to the greater forces of the universe, and that these forces work with you to ensure your idea comes to pass. With your faith & inspired actions creating momentum, these forces will respond by bringing people and resources forth to support your genius idea…
l i k e  m a g i c !

In essence, this is what entrepreneurs believe. And if you remember to incorporate this magical, non-linear approach to your business strategies, you will no longer stop your dreams before they start. You will become adept to turning your unreasonable, crazy ideas into reality. And, with time you will know yourself as a master magician in business!

Look out! Fear of criticism is a major genius killer

One of the biggest reasons our genius hides from us is fear of criticism.
We are afraid of what others will think of us if we show who we really are,
how we really feel, and what we really believe.

This is natural. Our genius includes our most vulnerable parts.
It’s who we are at our core.
It’s our specialized wisdom and magic that some people may not understand
and some may judge as outright crazy or wrong.

If you’ve struggled with critics in your life –
a critical parent, a harsh sibling, a bullying boss, a disapproving spouse –
chances are you’ve developed great skills to AVOID criticism.

And so now you have a habit of WITHHOLDING your ideas, your preferences, and
who you really are. It’s safe that way, right? Keep a lid on it and no one can criticize you!

Problem is, if you’re now wanting to know what your genius is, what you most desire
and love to do in the world – you’re hiding even from yourself!

So what can you do?
Every healing always begins with AWARENESS.
You can’t fix something unless you know it’s broken.

So your first step is to NOTICE:

Do you have a hard time in your daily life making decisions or
knowing or sharing your preferences?
Do you tell other people they can choose for you?

If yes, this is a sign you don’t give yourself permission to do what
you really desire and be who you really are.

This isn’t BAD or WRONG – so don’t get all judgy on yourself!
This is simply your smart critic-repellant strategy that has worked for you for a long time,
but now is getting in your way.

And after you begin to notice for awhile that you are not allowing yourself
to have your preferences – you take the second step and begin to ask yourself:

What do I really want?

Do I want the English Muffin or the Bagel?
Do I want to go to a different restaurant altogether?
Do I want my best friend to cook me her special dish?
If I could open this up to my wildest desires, what would they be?

You DO have preferences.
You’ve simply been afraid to express them.

And so by doing this practice in your life of asking yourself what you want
with the little things, you begin to open up the permission
to be who you are and want what you want.

And surprise, surprise! With a little time, this becomes your new normal.
You begin to accept and embrace who you are, and your genius begins to see
that it’s safe to come out and show itself to you!

It’s genius, really. 😉

Special Alert: Watch out for Assholes

freud_assholesI reserve name-calling and swearing for dramatic, important points.
And here is one:
We humans suffer a lot trying to fit into society’s standards.
Good/bad, right/wrong, worthy/unworthy.

So stop trying to fit in.
And, please don’t tell others how to live.
We are all happiest when we are true to ourselves!

So …
If you want purple hair, make it purple.
If you dream to make art, sing, write a book, cure cancer … do it.

You have the power.
You can live as you desire.
And you will be rewarded for it!

Because the dream in your heart is there for a reason.
You play an important part in the universe.
You are here for a divine purpose.
Just believe in yourself.

Anyone who tells you to forget your dream or that another path is more worthy.
That person is an asshole.
And probably gave up on his dream.
Don’t let him spoil your fun!

Be true to yourself.
And then you won’t become an asshole either.
Yay happiness!

Perfect Timing

perfect timingIn so much of life these days we rush to decide, fix, or take action. We operate on someone else’s schedule (boss, family member, significant other, child, etc).  Or we pressure ourselves like we “should” be able to figure this thing out or act NOW. But that pressure ignores the idea of perfect timing.

When you do not feel ready for something – here’s a crazy idea – perhaps it’s because YOU ARE NOT READY!

You are not ready – not because you’re a loser, not smart enough, or lazy – the reasons your ego will ascribe.  Instead, timing isn’t yet right somehow in the unfolding of the situation. There is something you don’t yet know, have not yet experienced or learned, or some other element that must be resolved before you proceed.

When you ignore that timing doesn’t feel right about something, you know what happens. Doing that thing is hard.  And you feel shitty.  It does not matter how good of a human being you are. It’s hard and you feel shitty. Period.

You might wonder, how do I tell the difference between waiting for the right moment and that pesky habit of procrastination?

It’s simple. Check your gut.

If your belly feels tight, constricted, like you are resisting something – you are not ready to make your decision or take action.  Doing something before it is meant to happen is like rowing your boat in a river against the current.  Painful, slow, and you actually may not get anywhere.

If your belly feels open, you can breathe fully, and you feel a sense of ease and flow – it’s time.  It’s like rowing your boat down the river with the current.  Feels good, requires little effort, and you will get to your destination with ease.

While it may feel hard to wait, it’s worth it.  When you act in perfect timing – cued by your own body – the universe responds to help fulfill what is destined and in your highest good to be.  This is the message in John Cusack’s film Serendipity. A man and woman meet in the beginning, have an amazing romantic spark, but they both intuitively know that timing is not right.  They later follow their own senses around when to take action toward meeting again, and because it is both their destiny and perfect timing, the universe lines up people and circumstances to “serendipidously” bring them together in the same place at the same time in the end.  This is the magic of allowing life to unfold in perfect timing!

Inspired action: 
If you’re inspired to give this notion of perfect timing a whirl, here are 4 things to consider next time you are deciding what to do or when or how:
1. Don’t pressure yourself to act too soon.  Consider the wisdom in this question from the Tao Te Ching: “can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”
2. If anyone else puts pressure on you, simply say, “I don’t know yet.” This is allowed. That’s why the phrase was invented. Brilliant.
3. Your job in perfect timing is to tune into yourself.  Your body will know when the decision or right action arises. You’ll feel a sense of “ahhhh yes, this is right for me.”
4. Once you’ve taken your inspired action, watch the magic of perfect timing unfold. You might even get more than you ever dreamed possible!

Your Magical Words

“I am living my ideal life.”affirmation
I heard these words about a year ago in an affirmations recording.
And my heart said “yes please, I’ll take some of that.”
Like I was ordering a sandwich.

I knew these words were magical for me.
I felt inspired to keep these words close.
So I posted them on my bathroom mirror.

It was an aspirational statement.
I felt these words deep in my heart as TRUTH about where I was going.
Even though my life circumstances didn’t yet match.

I have learned that … when you hear TRUTH – profound TRUTH – you recognize it.

That TRUTH may not be happening today, but it is happening.
And that is what I knew of these words.
They caused me to see things differently. To make different choices. To step into my TRUE desire.
And guess who is living her ideal life today?

Inspired Wisdom:
Life may feel hard today or at least out of alignment with where you know you want to be or how you know you want to feel. Life felt hard for me in the moment I heard my magical words.  In creating my own happiness and in working with clients to create their happiness, I have seen time and time again that you can have whatever your heart is desiring.

Words are magic!  And so creating your magical aspirational affirmation opens up access to what you desire.  We are energy beings and using our language is a power tool to turn our desires into reality.

Inspired Actions:
If you’re inspired to create your own magical words, here’s a resource I trust on affirmations: Orin & Daben.
Tip: You will know your magical words when you see or hear them.
Once you have your magical words, post those babies on your mirror, your phone screensaver, your Facebook cover page or wherever you will see them daily.
Believe in your words, and so they shall become TRUE with time.

If you’re feeling stuck and not sure what you need, schedule a Heart Reading with me to receive clarity about your heart’s desires and the soul journey to get there!

Love & blessings to you!


Genius at Work featuring “The Space Whisperer”

Your genius is the purposeful work you were born to do + natural gifts to see it through.

So what does genius look like? It’s NOT something you heard as a traditional career option growing up. Instead, your genius is what you’ve done really well & easily since childhood, but didn’t recognize as career-worthy.  This is one of a several insights you’ll learn in my interview with Heather Dart, who reveals her genius as “The Space Whisperer.”

This video may have inspired a few things in you.

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Are you a Sleeping Visionary?

I’m hoping to wake up some sleeping visionaries out there! Could you be one?
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