Excited for 2017 to be a game changer year?
Ready to do what you love & have more fun at work?
Feeling a call to be courageous & go for your dreams?

This visioning day with a crew of badasses is for you…

Saturday, January 14, 2017

9 am – 4 pm + optional group social from 4 – 6 pm

Chicago, IL, location TBA

Facilitated by Gina Marotta, The Genius Guru
And featuring guest speaker: Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN

Who this is for and why we’re gathering:

This jam session is designed for those who are changemakers at heart: the visionaries and creative types who dream up a better world for us all to live in and then join or create projects or businesses to bring that world to life. The purpose of this jam session is for like-hearted people to come together and support each other in designing and dreaming up their epic visions for 2017.  We vision and plan together because the reality is that while we may have histories of success that breed confidence, the kind of big dreams we hold also bring big doubt. We wrestle with questions like:

How do I make my ideas come to life?
Where do I start? 
Am I really equipped to do this?
How do I make this fun rather than stressful?

We come together so that rather than let these questions slow us down or make us feel small, we think bigger. We huddle together to search our hearts and create solutions and share resources. When we are around others who have that bit of “crazy” to dream up a better world, we feel stronger. We know we have reinforcements.

This event is called “the badass jam” because it truly takes practice and proficiency in badassery to follow through on a call from the heart to help this world and those of us in it to lean into our more happy, loving, and peaceful potential, especially when our realities show us much reason to be pessimistic, doubtful, and afraid.

What you can expect at this event:

This full-day jam session gives you: dedicated time, a structure, a guide, and a tribe for creating your vision for the year. Guided by Gina Marotta, you will move through visioning exercises with her winning mix of exploring the magical and the practical sides of shaping a dream and opening one’s genius.  You will enjoy a fun and meaningful heart and soul searching process that helps you bring forth your truest desires and deepest callings. And from these deep and sacred places within, you will create your key promises, plans, and strategies that serve as your map for the year.  This is the process Gina uses for herself and her clients, which has proven to cause big badass dreams to come true year after year.

Here’s the opportunity for you in attending the jam:

  • A full-day of dedicated time & space for you & your career dreams
  • A process for tuning into your inner genius & most creative ideas
  • Visioning activities to bring forth your key promises & plans for the year
  • Guidance so you don’t have to figure out how to do this for yourself
  • A fun experience filled with joy, laughter, ah-ha moments & practical tips
  • An intimate community of other badasses to inspire & support you

And the immediate result of the day …
You’ll leave with a written map of your plans, promises, and dreams for 2017 to guide and inspire you throughout the year!

Plus, a special bonus …

To give you extra tools in your badass toolkit, you’ll hear from special guest speaker Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN who will be sharing her inside secrets on winning! Have you been following Dawn this past year? Holy moley has she been the epitome of badassery! Dawn had two big and public wins in 2016! She won the ABC reality TV show My Diet is Better than Yours, and she went all the way to the World Series with her clients, The Chicago Cubs! Did you see Dawn holding the trophy and in the parade? Dawn’s journey through these huge successes is crazy inspiring, and she’ll be sharing tips for you that can kick the butt of any and all resistance you may face as you head off on your own journey after the jam session.

If this adventure resonates with your heart, register your badass now! Whether you are crystal clear on your goals or fuzzy on the details, you and your big badass dreaming heart are welcome here. We want you!

Prerequisites: There will be about 2 hours of fun & insightful assignments for you to do in advance of the jam session to prime you for the day. These will be sent out at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Ticket price: $299 (includes lunch & supplies for the day)

Registration deadline: Wed. Jan. 11 at midnight central time. 12 spots available!

Questions? Email Gina.