Special Alert: Watch out for Assholes

freud_assholesI reserve name-calling and swearing for dramatic, important points.
And here is one:
We humans suffer a lot trying to fit into society’s standards.
Good/bad, right/wrong, worthy/unworthy.

So stop trying to fit in.
And, please don’t tell others how to live.
We are all happiest when we are true to ourselves!

So …
If you want purple hair, make it purple.
If you dream to make art, sing, write a book, cure cancer … do it.

You have the power.
You can live as you desire.
And you will be rewarded for it!

Because the dream in your heart is there for a reason.
You play an important part in the universe.
You are here for a divine purpose.
Just believe in yourself.

Anyone who tells you to forget your dream or that another path is more worthy.
That person is an asshole.
And probably gave up on his dream.
Don’t let him spoil your fun!

Be true to yourself.
And then you won’t become an asshole either.
Yay happiness!